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A Collection Of Real-Life Stories About How Kratom Has Saved The Lives Of Americans

The following article contains a series of stories about how Kratom has benefited and saved the lives of Americans. These stories are 100% true and from real people. There is a mountain of scientific evidence which proves that Kratom saves lives, but no amount of science is as strong as the evidence contained within real-life stories like these. Also, these stories reveal how the Kratom legalization battle is a fight between life and death for the millions of Americans who depend on Kratom.

“Kratom saved my life and several family members due to being victims of the opioid epidemic. We would of never been able to get off the horrible pain medication we were on without kratom because the withdrawal is so awful.”

“After 20+ years in pain management, I was released in 2017 from my pain management doctor because of the CDC guideline goof. That’s all I can call it. It was suppose to be guidelines for general practice doctors but it spread into the pain management community like a wildfire. Legitimate pain management doctors were being targeted by the DEA which made them extremely gun shy. I can’t say this was the whole reason I was released but it had a lot to do with the attitude shift in my doctor regarding opioids. Needless to say I was left high & dry in treating my pain. 20 years of a functioning life, 20 years of no problems associated with opioids. I reluctantly tried Kratom after buying pain meds off the street for over 6 months. Constant daily chasing the relief I had had for over 20 years. 6 months of always worrying that I would be arrested or OD from an incorrect med. Kratom was incredible, does it take care of all my pain, no, but it makes it so I can function in my daily life. I am no longer taking anxiety/depression meds either. One thing about Kratom is, if I am out I don’t experience the terrible feelings of being dope sick. Yes I want the pain relief but I am not crawling up walls until I can get more. Since I don’t see a shift back to prescribing opioids for pain patients, there is nothing else that helps like Kratom does. Making Kratom illegal at this point would again leave pain patients looking to the streets for relief. Considering its harder to find legitimate opioids, people will be finding illicit fentanyl and heroin. There will be more and more deaths from those drugs. Kratom offers a legal way to control our pain. I feel the push to make Kratom illegal is that the government is not benefiting financially from it. Plain and simple, they want the monetary benefits only. It would be a travesty to deny people Kratom. If they were to actually listen to the people they would find the benefits of Kratom. Over regulation will be the death of something that works.”

“Kratom has literally saved my life. I have been using kratom for over ten years and would never go back to life without it. I am a fully functional 30 year old male with a great career in commercial diving, have an education, and a family. Kratom naturally takes away my anxiety and makes it that i can actually breathe again. I get blood work and a physical done every year and couldn’t have a more perfect score. Unfortunately, it catches a bad stigma because of the word “opioid.” While yes, technically it may be an opioid, it acts on different receptors than those of the opioids that will kill you. The best way I can explain it is to use the comparison of coffee and cocaine. You cant judge coffee because it is a stimulant like cocaine. Such as you cant judge kratom because it is an opioid like Oxycodone. Its two completely different subjects. To take away this medicine is a crime against humanity in and of itself. Millions of peoples quality of life world wide would be affected. Instead of banning it, it should be used as a motivator to stimulate the economy. Think of how much revenue could be generated in the cultivation of kratom.”

“I’m a 58 yr old army veteran. I suffer from PTSD, anxiety disorder, high blood pressure, onset arthritis high throughout my body, multiple gun shot wounds, was incarcerated for over 20 yrs + I’m a recovering addict (clean from opiates, cocaine etc,, August 26th makes 2 years) I was introduced to kratom July 2018, and my life changed immensely. I take kratom 3 to 4x daily + I couldn’t imagine life without it. I no longer feel the pain I use to (pain level went from 10+ at times, to practically non existent at times) my mood is lifted 98%, I no longer feel like dying because of excruciating pain + I’m finally not on any big pharma poison. (I take nothing other than kratom). My quality of life is certainly 100% better than ever. I’ve never had any adverse effects or anything while taking kratom. My opinion is its about as harmful as a cup of coffee + to ban it, it would ruin my life + 1000s of others. I don’t wanna die + I don’t wanna go back on ANY drugs. #keepkratomlegal #kratomheals #kratomsaveslives.”

“Kratom tea has saved me from becoming an alcoholic and has helped me with anxiety and depression and my overall health drastically.”

“Thank God for kratom after three rehabs that failed and over 10+ years as an addict I’m now two and a half years clean and was able to get off my antidepressants successfully ♥️ I’m the mother I’m meant to be”

“Kratom has helped my treatment resisant major depression disorder when more than 30 medications did nothing at best (some made it worse), almost 30 electorconvulsant shock therapy’s (the “Gold Standard” of severe depression treatments…usually within just a couple of treatments), 32 TMS treatments, $10k in ketamine treatments, etc.. Kratom also alleviates the severe anxiety I experience and have been prescibed the maximum daily dose of alprazolam for over a decade for (addiction sets in within weeks and is now being linked to dementia). Kratom lessens my dependence on amphetamine salts, which I’ve been on the maximum dosage for (again, highly addictive with serious long term consequences)”

“I abused alcohol and opiates for over 25 years until I tried Kratom 16 months ago. It immediately took away my desire for both and I’ve been sober ever since. I have my life back as well as my self respect and the respect and trust of my family and friends I can’t imagine my life without Kratom.”

“Kratom has helped me save my life. I used to be addicted to anti-anxiety medication (benzo’s like Xanax and Clonzepam), pain medication, and heroin. Without going in to detail I’m sure many who read this will think, “He’s lucky to be alive”. Without kratom I would not be. I was able to find the relief I needed for pain and social anxiety with the help of kratom! Kratom is not sedating or stimulating like a narcotic. It’s more like the stimulation you get from a cup of coffee or two in the morning. Or the kind of relief from drinking a warm cup of Chamomile tea. It’s this mild and it reliefs serious pain! It’s a miracle really. It baffles me that the government doesn’t study this and realize it’s benefits because like marijuana they could be taking and making money from it! Also it would create many jobs. It would be studied in depth with the top scientists in the world! That would be amazing to humanity. Kratom has saved my life. Without it I had a higher chance of going back to narcotics in the beginning of my recovery. It helped me through the trying times in the beginning and now I just enjoy it maybe two times a day like millions of Americans with their coffee (or tea). Please consider our stories…kratoms saves lives!”

“I have RA and fibromyalgia. I was put on so many medications for 12 years and wasted tons of my insurance providers money! I never got better on those meds, only worse! Then I became addicted to the opiates and sedation I was prescribed. Came close to losing my life and my marriage. I started using kratom and my life changed! My husband of 32 years and me are out doing things we haven’t done in years! I’m so strong physically now. I no longer go to doctors for pills or anything. Life is 100 percent better thank to kratom!”

“Kratom has been a blessing in my life. I used to take Adderall for ADD, always feeling terrible after the drug wore off. I stopped taking Adderall 10 years ago when I discovered kratom allows me to focus better with less side effects. I have been taking for 10 years and am healthier and happier than ever. This plant is a blessing , it changed my life and I truly believe that we are a better country with it being available. Thank you.”

“Kratom helped me detox from suboxone which is even harder to quit than opiods. With kratom I can live my life without having to take very addictive and harmful pills.”

“Kratom saved my life! I was a I.V. Opioid addict of 10 years, until I found Kratom! After taking it for a couple years, I weaned off the Kratom. Now I’m clean, and living my best life!”

“KRATOM is THE BEST pain relief I’ve ever had,and I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for about 16 years now and the mornings are the worst, and I don’t sleep very well either. Ive abused almost every kind of opiate painkiller there is trying to help with pain through the years, and now we finally have Kratom. I’ve went through cold turkey morphine withdrawal that lasted about 6 months (that was before I found Kratom). That was hell. I used to eat SOMA by the handful 10/15 at a time, but I knew it was going to kill me if I didn’t stop. After years of all them pills, I FINALLY told my Dr. the truth about the SOMA so he would cut me off and he did. I’m 43 yrs old been an alcoholic since the age of 12 when I took my first drink, my LAST DRINK was Jan 13 2016. I found Kratom in 2015 It changed my life, no more pills, no more alcohol, and ALOT LESS PAIN. KRATOM helps me be a father to my son. Kratom gave me my life back. KRATOM SAVED MY LIFE. I AM KRATOM. The Benefits I get from Kratom are PAIN RELIEF. I lack energy Because of chronic pain, Kratom helps me so much in both areas. Living w/chronic pain is the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced in life. Being prescribed opiates turned into a nightmare. Kratom got me clean and sober after 30 years of being drunk and or high off different drugs. 3 months after I started using Kratom regularly, the urge to drink vanished. 1 impatient treatment stay and 6 outpatient treatments didn’t get me clean or sober, all treatment did was help me find new druggy buddies. The community and people surrounding Kratom is truly amazing and has been very beneficial in my recovery. KRATOM SAVES LIVES. IAMKRATOM”