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A Full Guide To All Of The Herbs, Substances, And Techniques That Can Potentiate Kratom

Kratom potentiators

Potentiating Kratom, which means using substances and techniques to increase the effects of Kratom, has been a hot topic over the years. In this article I will list all of the Kratom potentiators that I know about, based on my own experience and research.

Before diving into the list, I just want to preface this by saying that although I’ve tried many Kratom potentiators, I’ve ultimately settled on using Kratom by itself with no potentiators, since I believe the effects of Kratom powder on its own are strong enough and don’t need to be increased by any substance or technique. Also, most of the substances which potentiate Kratom typically lead to more sedative effects.

  1. 1) Cannabis – Perhaps the top Kratom potentiator is Cannabis, since it can lead to more powerful opioid effects and euphoria. However, combining Kratom and Cannabis can be extremely sedative and intoxicating, so don’t expect to get much done if you use this combination. If you do try this, I recommend Hemp, which is legal Cannabis with less than 0.3%, since Hemp doesn’t cause intoxication, although there will still be a marked increase in sedation.
  3. 2) Red Bubble Technique – One of the most popular techniques to make Kratom stronger is the red bubble technique, which is basically a simple extraction. First the Kratom is thoroughly mixed with lemon juice, since the citric acid extracts the alkaloids, and then it is frozen to burst the cell walls and release all of the alkaloids. I give this potentiation technique a thumbs up since it makes Kratom stronger without altering the effects-profile of Kratom.
  5. 3) Kava – Kava, also known as Kava Kava, is an excellent medicinal herb that brings about strong relaxation and moderate euphoria, and is non-addictive. Combining Kava with Kratom can certainly lead to a much stronger experience. I don’t recommend taking Kava and Kratom at the exact same time though, and if you do this just use a small amount of Kava, since this combination can be incredibly sedative. All of this being said, it’s a combination worth trying.
  7. 4) GABAergic herbs: Chamomile, Valerian, Skullcap, Passionflower – These herbs are common ingredients in herbal tea, especially sleepy time tea, and they can certainly lead to a stronger Kratom experience. That being said, these herbs will make the Kratom experience much more sedative, and should only be used for a late night Kratom session towards bedtime. If you combine Kratom with any of these GABAergic herbs in the daytime you will probably sleep all day and get nothing done.
  9. 5) Turmeric – Another popular Kratom potentiator is Turmeric, since Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and can increase the analgesic efficacy of Kratom. This is a good option if you are using Kratom to mitigate pain. Also, a scientific study has found that Turmeric decreases opioid tolerance, meaning that Turmeric can increase the strength of a dose of Kratom.
  11. 6) Grapefruit juice – One of the most popular Kratom potentiators is Grapefruit juice, since Grapefruit juice inhibits certain liver enzymes which break down Kratom alkaloids. Essentially, Grapfruit juice slows the metabolization of Kratom alkaloids, making the Kratom experience stronger, and making it last longer. Some people have reported excellent results from Grapefruit juice, although I’ve found that it can change the nature of the Kratom experience, and Kratom is already strong enough without being potentiated like this. A cautionary note is that if you are on any pharmaceutical meds you really shouldn’t try this, since Grapefruit juice can have bad interactions with meds.
  13. 7) Cimetidine – Similar to grapefruit juice, Cimetidine interacts with liver enzymes to slow the metabolization of Kratom. I tried this many years ago and really didn’t like the overall effects of the Cimetidine, so I don’t recommend this.
  15. 8) Diphenhydramine – This is under the brand name Benadryl, and is commonly used to potentiate opioids, but I don’t recommend this at all since it will lead to a much more drowsy and intoxicating experience, and really ruins your ability to think and function.
  17. 9) Cat’s Claw – Cat’s Claw is a really interesting anti-inflammatory and medicinal herb, and it actually has some of the same alkaloids as Kratom, such as Mitraphylline. Cat’s Claw could increase the analgesic effectiveness of Kratom, and could also increase the anti-viral/bacteria effects of Kratom.
  19. 10) Coffee – Coffee and Kratom can mix well if you are looking for tons of energy. If you are taking Kratom for pain or stress relief I don’t really recommend this, but if you need to get a ton of work done, then mixing Coffee with Kratom can help.
  21. 11) Cayenne pepper – Apparently Cayenne pepper can increase the analgesic effects of Kratom. I have never tried this. Apparently only small doses of Cayenne pepper should be used.
  23. 12) Wild Dagga – Apparently Wild Dagga is a Cannabis alternative that is used in smoking blends, and produces mild euphoria and relaxation, and it is known as a good Kratom potentiator. In-fact, apparently Viva Zen, which is a high quality Kratom shot, uses this as one of their main ingredients.
  25. 13) White Willow Bark – White Willow Bark, scientifically named Salix alba, apparently increases Kratom analgesia, and is another primary component of Viva Zen.

This is perhaps not a completely exhaustive list of all of the Kratom potentiators, but it is basically all of the ones I have seen discussed on the internet over the past decade.

On a final note, do not use synthetic opioids, opiates, or benzodiazepines to potentiate Kratom, nor any other pharmaceutical or street drugs. There are plenty of things in those categories which can make Kratom stronger, but simultaneously can lead to danger and addiction.

Also, like I said in the beginning of this article, I believe the best way to use Kratom is by itself, since Kratom is already quite potent without any additional ingredients, but I understand the curiosity about potentiating Kratom. If you are going to potentiate Kratom, stick with the natural herbs in the above list, and even with those only take a little, and don’t take them at the exact same time you dose your Kratom.