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A Man In Arkansas Was Found With A Kilo Of Kratom And Charged With Drug Trafficking, And He Was Charged With Possessing Drug Paraphernalia For The Plastic Spoon That Was In The Kratom Bag

A previous article on The Kratom Herald discussed how the Kratom laws in Alabama are totally insane. Not only is Kratom illegal there, which is absurd enough, but anyone who is found with more than 4 ounces of Kratom is charged with drug trafficking.

Literally, the law in Alabama assumes that anyone in Alabama caught with more than 4 ounces of Kratom is a drug dealer, and already people’s lives have been destroyed due to this law, including a man who had 249 grams of Kratom, and another man who had 895 capsules of Kratom. In both these cases the amounts of Kratom were personal amounts, and nowhere near enough to be dealing it, yet these men were charged as drug dealers.

Now another case has popped up similar to the ones in Alabama, except this time it’s in Arkansas. On October 29 a probation officer searched a man’s home, since probation officers can search the homes of probationers at any time without warning, and 907 grams of Kratom with a plastic spoon in it were found.

Although all Kratom users know that a kilo of Kratom with a spoon in it is indicative of personal use, the officers locked the man up, charged him with drug trafficking, and set the man’s bail at $35,000.

If this wasn’t insane enough, the plastic spoon in the Kratom kilo was classified as drug paraphernalia, and the man was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Zooming out, it is clear that the Kratom ban laws in Arkansas, Alabama, and elsewhere are meant to absolutely destroy Kratom users, via labeling Kratom users as drug traffickers.

Further, although this incident happened in Arkansas, where Kratom is illegal, if a similar scenario unfolded in any other state it would still go very poorly. Essentially, anyone on probation can have their house searched at any time, and if a probation officer finds Kratom, that person will be sent to jail no matter what state they are in, since people on probation are not allowed to use or possess Kratom.

Thus, despite the fact that Kratom is a miracle plant that is saving the lives of countless Americans, as you read this article there are people sitting in jail/prison and facing drug trafficking charges just because they had a bag of Kratom in their possession.

Overall, this is absolutely frightening, and God forbid, this story is a glimpse of what is to come if Kratom is banned nationwide. Considering this, Kratom warriors need to fight harder than ever to keep Kratom legal, since if we fail in this fight, then Kratom users will be treated as drug traffickers.