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A Mother Was A Heavy Kratom User During Pregnancy And The Baby Came Out Totally Fine, But Then The Doctors Messed The Situation Up By Separating The Baby And The Mother, And Injecting The Baby With Morphine

The topic of Kratom and pregnancy is highly controversial, and most people would look down upon a mother who uses Kratom during pregnancy. Also, there is some misinformation circulating around over the years that Kratom can lead to birth defects, although this isn’t substantiated by any actual data.

Notably, there is some hard evidence of what can happen when a mother uses Kratom during pregnancy, with the whole story being published in a scientific study titled ‘Novel case of maternal and neonatal kratom dependence and withdrawal‘.

The story starts with a woman being prescribed Oxycodone for lower back pain, which quickly escalated into a destructive addiction. Fortunately, the women eventually found Kratom, which was effective for relieving her chronic pain and mental health issues, and the woman’s life was saved.

The woman then became pregnant, and during the full term of the pregnancy she was using 60 grams of Kratom per day, which is an extreme dose, since even the heaviest Kratom users typically only take 10-20 grams of Kratom per day.

Despite the extreme Kratom usage, the baby came out totally fine, with zero birth defects or problems.

This is perhaps one of the most notable aspects of this story, since this story strongly suggests that even extreme Kratom use does not damage a baby during pregnancy. Although more research needs to be done on this subject, this particular story is some of the only solid evidence out there regarding Kratom and pregnancy.

Unfortunately, the story takes a dark turn after the birth due to the doctors who were in charge of the situation. The woman was transferred to a pregnancy addiction unit of the hospital, and immediately upon birth the baby was taken away from the mother.

First off, it is absolutely absurd to take a newborn baby away from the mother for any reason, and in this situation it was not even necessary, even if the baby needed to be treated.

Then the story gets even worse. The baby lost its appetite, was jittery, irritable, and nauseous, all of which are things that can happen from simply separating a newborn baby from its mother.

The doctors instead interpreted this as opioid withdrawal, and rather than returning the baby to the mother, they injected the newborn baby with Morphine, which is totally insane and evil.

Simultaneously, the mother became restless and had lots of anxiety, which are certainly things that can happen to a mother if her newborn baby is taken away, and the doctors began giving the mother Morphine.

Essentially, the doctors caused serious mental problems for both the baby and the mother by separating them, and dosed both the baby and the mother with Morphine to ‘alleviate’ the situation.

Then after a week the baby was given back to the mother, and then the baby and the mother almost instantly got better and their symptoms disappeared.

Zooming out, this study tries to make it seem like Kratom use during pregnancy caused a serious situation at the time of birth, but in-fact, the only issue was the doctors separating the baby and the mother, and then giving both the baby and the mother Morphine, which is evil and unnecessary.

Indeed, even if the baby was dependent on Kratom at birth, if the baby was simply allowed to breastfeed, then the Kratom would be in the mother’s milk and the baby would have no issues at all. Instead, the doctors created tremendous issues by separating the baby and the mother and experimenting on them with Morphine.

Thus, this story is solid evidence that Kratom does not damage a baby during pregnancy, even if the mother is using extreme amounts of Kratom. Simultaneously, this story is also solid evidence of how doctors/the medical industry can truly ruin lives and create problems out of thin air, in addition to proving that doctors/Big Pharma prefer that people, and even babies, take addictive and dangerous opiates like Morphine instead of safe and natural supplements like Kratom.