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A Racing Horse In Iowa Was Given Kratom And It Did Quite Well In Its Races; The Person Responsible And The Horse Have Been Banned From Racing Since Kratom Is Against The Rules

A strange bit of Kratom related news has come out today. Apparently a racing horse named ‘Candy My Boy’ was given Kratom before races on September 20 and September 28, and the horse actually did quite well in the races, finishing 2nd both times.

Indeed, Kratom is well-known to have stimulating and pain relieving effects, and countless people use Kratom as a workout enhancer and as a performance enhancer in general. However, this seems to be some of the first evidence that Kratom can be used to enhance the performance of a racing horse.

That being said, Kratom is considered a Category 1 banned substance in horse racing, and the horse trainer responsible has been banned for a year and fined $1,000, in addition to the horse itself being banned from racing for half a year.

Notably, the horse trainer says that he did not intentionally give Kratom to the horse. Rather, he claims that he accidentally spilled some Kratom in the horse’s food.

This is a laughable claim, since the horse failed in urine tests on September 20 and September 28, and Kratom has a urine detection time of only a few days, so the horse was obviously given Kratom on purpose before both races. Further, it probably takes a lot of Kratom to make a horse fail a drug test, not just a tiny amount that is accidentally spilled. Beyond that, it’s crazy to think that someone would just be eating Kratom over their horse’s food and accidentally spill a bunch of it.

Interestingly, this is apparently the 2nd documented incident of Kratom being used as a performance enhancer for horses. In 2017 a horse trainer was suspended indefinitely for giving Kratom to 4 race horses.

Apparently in the 2017 case two of the Kratom-fueled horses won, and one of the horses placed 2nd, which is more evidence that Kratom can enhance the performance of racing horses.

Thus, it seems Kratom can be used as a performance enhancer for horses based on the little evidence that exists, although it is against the rules to give Kratom to race horses.