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American Kratom Association Issues Warning About Small-Scale Indonesian Vendors Who Are Circumventing Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) Guidelines And Distributing Potentially Contaminated Kratom

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The American Kratom Association (AKA) has issued a warning about small-scale Indonesian Kratom vendors who are offering very cheap Kratom, but simultaneously their Kratom is possibly unsafe. The warning can be watched in the below video.

Essentially, there have been ample concerns in the past over Kratom being contaminated with Salmonella, and Kratom containing heavy metals. The Senior Fellow of Public Policy at the AKA, Mac Haddow, explains why such contamination has occurred, and what vendors are doing to prevent this contamination.

Haddow explains that Indonesian Kratom vendors used to just lay the Kratom on the ground on tarps for days to dry, during which time lizards and other reptiles could scurry through the Kratom, which is what leads to Salmonella. In order to prevent this, Indonesian vendors are now making enclosed and screened Kratom drying pens.

As for heavy metals, Indonesian Kratom vendors often used to use World War 2 era coffee grinders to powderize the Kratom leaf, and these old grinders contaminated the Kratom with heavy metals like lead. Now Indonesian vendors are using new equipment that doesn’t contain dangerous heavy metals, and doesn’t contaminate the Kratom.

That being said, many smaller Indonesian Kratom vendors are still using the old practices, which can lead to salmonella and heavy metals contamination.

Generally major Kratom vendors in the United States buy Kratom from the bigger Indonesian vendors who are GMP compliant, and further most big United States vendors test the Kratom before distributing it to ensure it is not contaminated.

However, the smaller Indonesian Kratom vendors who are not compliant and possibly have contaminated Kratom are using social media and email marketing to directly reach United States consumers, and offering very low Kratom prices.

Oftentimes Kratom consumers in the USA will go for these deals, while being unaware that the Kratom could possibly have Salmonella or heavy metals contamination.

Thus, if you’re a United States Kratom consumer, stick with United States vendors who test their products for any contamination, such as Nu Wave Botanicals, rather than trying to obtain cheap Kratom directly from Indonesia which may be contaminated. Further, if you buy Kratom directly from Indonesia it could easily be seized at the border.