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American Kratom Association Launches Kratom Ad On CNN And Fox News, Which Is One Of The Biggest Efforts Yet To Spread The Truth About Kratom To The Mainstream

Usually when Kratom is discussed on the mainstream media it is negative, with misinformation being spread about Kratom being addictive/deadly, and news stories like these are part of Big Pharma’s and the FDA’s plan to get Kratom banned so that Americans will have no choice besides prescription opioids. Indeed, one of the main reasons The Kratom Herald exists is in order to find negative news stories about Kratom when they happen, and to rebuke the misinformation in them with scientific data.

However, thanks to the American Kratom Association (AKA), the truth about Kratom is being spread on CNN and Fox News via Kratom commercials. One of these commercials can be found in the comments section at this Facebook link. (Note: this link is for a private Kratom group, so it’s not the easiest link to use. That being said, the AKA is planning on releasing all the commercials on the internet on October 7.)

In the ad that was seen on CNN, a United States Army veteran discusses how they sustained a bunch of injuries during their service to our nation, and they were put on heavy drugs to deal with the severe chronic pain. The veteran discusses how the drugs made it so he couldn’t function, but then he started taking Kratom and his mind cleared up and his pain went away. The veteran then asks that people talk to their elected officials in order to keep Kratom legal.

Essentially, the AKA ad campaign focuses on real-life stories about how Kratom has saved lives, and is pushing for people to contact their elected officials in order to strengthen the movement to keep Kratom legal.

This is incredible because it’s perhaps the first time in years that any positive and truthful Kratom information has made it onto mainstream TV, and the real-life stories in the AKA ads really brings the point home that Kratom is saving the lives of Americans.

Also, this ad and the other ads like this that the AKA is launching can directly save lives by educating people with opioid addiction and chronic pain about Kratom. Just imagine if someone who is struggling with addiction or pain is watching TV when one of these ads comes on, it could lead to their life being saved since they will then try Kratom.

Donate to the AKA in the form found below this article or at this link, in order to help the AKA to continue and expand this critical ad campaign. Indeed, this is one of the most important efforts in history to keep Kratom legal, and likewise, these ads have the potential to directly save the lives of Americans who are addicted to opioids and/or struggling with chronic pain.