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Another Case Has Come To Light Of A Mother Taking Kratom During Pregnancy, The Baby Came Out Totally Fine But The Hospital Took The Baby Away And Injected It With Morphine For Over Two Weeks Without The Parent's Consent

Just a few days ago The Kratom Herald posted an article about a mother who took heavy doses of Kratom during her pregnancy, and although the baby came out totally fine, the hospital took the baby away from the mother for a week and injected the baby with morphine, causing tremendous distress to both the mother and the baby. Notably, this case happened around 2018.

Shockingly, today another case has come to light of a similar situation unfolding, except instead of it being published in a scientific paper like the previous case, this case was published in a detailed article written by the father.

The story starts with the mother having a severely painful disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which periodically causes partial dislocations of joints and ligaments. The mother sought professional medical help for the pain, but the doctors did not help her at all, and in-fact treated her as if she were drug-seeking, even though she had no history of substance abuse.

The father then gave her Kratom, and miraculously it kept her EDS pain under control via simply drinking 3-4 mugs of Kratom mixed with hot chocolate per day.

Eventually she became pregnant, and she decided to keep taking Kratom throughout pregnancy, since her EDS had made her previous births extremely painful, and in-fact during her last two pregnancies she needed dilaudid during the final weeks.

Although the mother took strong doses of Kratom during her entire pregnancy, the baby came out totally fine, just like in the previous case from 2018. This is additional proof that Kratom does not cause birth defects.

Where things went wrong is that the father told a nurse that the mother had been using Kratom, which was a huge mistake. This led to the doctors drug testing the mother without her consent, and the mother failed for THC and traces of Adderall.

Notably, the doctors expected the mother to fail for opioids, since the doctors believed that the father was saying the mother used Kratom as a cover for her opioid use. Absurdly, the doctors were dismayed when the mother did not fail the drug test for opioids.

Despite the lack of opioids in both the baby and the mother, which was confirmed by drug tests, the baby was separated from the mother and taken to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

This is where things got really bad. Without the parents consent, and without any opioids being found in the baby’s system, the doctors began injecting the baby with Morphine. This continued for over two weeks, by which point the baby became physically addicted to Morphine.

Literally, the doctors took the baby away from the mother under the pretense that the baby needed to be treated for opioid withdrawal, and although the baby was not going through opioid withdrawal, the doctors got the baby addicted to Morphine.

The doctors justified this decision with a highly subjective metric called the Finnegan Scale, which is supposed to measure if a baby is in withdrawal. It is obvious however that the symptoms the baby had, such as crying and not eating, were due to it being separated from the mother and being prodded with needles.

It gets even worse. The Child Protective Services tried to take the baby away from the parents, and basically had custody of the baby for 19 days after birth, during which time the parents had no control of what was being done to the baby, and the parents were being continuously interrogated during this time.

Thus, another shocking case of doctors abusing a mother who is a Kratom user has come to light, and the doctors that are supposed to treat a baby going through opioid withdrawal got a perfectly normal baby addicted to Morphine.

The lessons to be learned from this story are that it is critical not to tell doctors that you are a Kratom user if you’re giving birth, since apparently the law allows doctors to take custody of newborn babies and inject them with Morphine without the parent’s consent, and without any evidence that the baby is going through withdrawal. Once again, like in the 2018 case, Kratom wasn’t the problem in this case, the only problem was the doctors doing malicious things to the baby and the mother,