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Apparently The Police In Ireland Think That Kratom Costs $22,700 A Kilo, Which Is Actually The Price Of Cocaine, Not Kratom

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A story published in the Irish Examiner today discusses how Revenue officers, which are basically Ireland’s version of Customs and border protection, have raided Dublin and Shannon airports over the last week and have seized nearly $160,000 of drugs. This number may sound somewhat impressive, although it really is not much relative to American drug seizures, such as the 33,000 pounds of Cocaine seized in Philadelphia last week, which is worth around $800 million.

In any case, the Irish Revenue officials who conducted these raids were impressed with themselves. Unfortunately for them, they did the math totally wrong.

The biggest part of this ‘raid’ was that the officials found 4 kilos of Kratom, which they claimed were worth just over $90,000, or roughly $22,000 per kilo.

However, in the United States 4 kilos of Kratom typically costs $400 if you buy from a large online vendor. The highest possible price for Kratom in the United States is $1/gram, which is a common price at headshops who offer Kratom by the gram. Even if someone did buy 4,000 grams of Kratom for a dollar each from a headshop, which would make zero sense, it would still only be $4,000, which is nowhere near $22,000 per kilo.

Ultimately, it is clear that the Irish Revenue officials who seized this Kratom have mixed up the price of Cocaine kilos with the price of Kratom kilos.

Further, this is not a newsworthy bust at all. Kratom users in the United States often buy 4 kilos for personal use if they are stocking up, so this seizure probably has nothing to do with organized crime.

Zooming out, the only reason that Irish government officials are seizing Kratom in the first place is because Ireland declared Kratom a Schedule I illegal drug, due to the Irish government using blatant misinformation to make their decisions about Kratom rather than reading the actual science. This has deprived the Irish people of one of the safest and most effective supplements for chronic pain, opioid addiction management, and mental health.