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Big Pharma And The Medical Industry Continues To Build The Case That Kratom Users Should Be 'Treated' With Highly Addictive And Dangerous Synthetic Opioids

In recent months The Kratom Herald has posted multiple articles about how Big Pharma and the medical industry is making the case that Kratom users should be ‘treated’ with Buprenorphine and other synthetic opioids. Indeed, one study even recommended that Kratom users should be switched to Morphine. Essentially, these studies which are sponsored by Big Pharma are trying to make the case that Kratom is dangerous, and that it is safer for Kratom users to be on prescription synthetic opioids. 

However, the reality is that Big Pharma is just trying to increase their profits, both by building evidence that Kratom should be banned via making it seem like Kratom users need to be treated with the same drugs used to treat Heroin addiction, and also by getting Kratom users hooked on synthetic opioids. Indeed, each Kratom user that is switched onto Buprenorphine by their doctor is money in Big Pharma’s pocket.

Notably, each time I posted articles about this issue, I received public feedback from real-life people about how they were indeed switched from Kratom onto Buprenorphine by their doctor, and how it ruined their life. So this is not a theoretical issue, it is really happening, and Big Pharma is really out there getting Kratom users hooked on synthetic opioids.

Unfortunately, Big Pharma has released yet another ‘scientific study’ recommending that Kratom users be switched onto Buprenorphine. The study is titled ‘Treatment of Kratom Withdrawal and Dependence With Buprenorphine/Naloxone: A Case Series and Systematic Literature Review‘, and essentially it aims to standardize the dosage of Buprenorphine for Kratom users.

Specifically, these ‘scientists’ are recommending that Kratom users who use less than 20 grams a day receive 4-8 mg per day of Buprenorphine, and Kratom users who use 40 grams or more per day receive 12-16 mg/day of Buprenorphine. Notably, according to the opioid equianalgesic, these doses are equivalent to 160-320 mg/day and 480-560 mg/day of Morphine, which is a tremendous dose of synthetic opioids, and undoubtedly these sort of doses of Buprenorphine cause a crippling physiological addiction.

Further, the dose of Buprenorphine that they recommend for heavy Kratom users is the same dosage of Buprenorphine given to heavy Heroin users, which seems totally insane.

Essentially, Big Pharma is now recommending that Kratom users be given tremendous amounts of Buprenorphine as ‘treatment’, and it is obvious that this is a scheme to get Kratom users completely hooked. If any Kratom user is switched onto these sort of doses of Buprenorphine they will be facing a nearly insurmountable addiction, and will be stuck on prescription synthetic opioids for life.

Indeed, that is the whole point of Big Pharma’s scheme, to turn Kratom users into lifetime prescription addicts. In other words, Big Pharma is choosing money over lives.

Ultimately, this trend of Big Pharma pushing Buprenorphine on Kratom users is reaching a critical point, and the Kratom community needs to do everything they can to push against this trend. Simply, Kratom is saving lives, and Big Pharma is working hard to steal lives, since Big Pharma only cares about money and doesn’t care about lives. 

Now that ‘treating’ Kratom users with Buprenorphine is becoming a standard practice, Big Pharma will be ruining the lives of Kratom users every day, unless we can do something to stop it.