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Big Pharma Created Heroin And Then Aggressively Marketed It As A Safe And Non-Addictive Cough Suppressant, Leading To The Heroin Pandemic We Have Today

It is often said that Big Pharma started the Opioid Pandemic around 1999 when they launched Oxycontin and aggressively marketed it as a safe treatment for chronic pain, which led to the rise of pill mills and tens of millions of Americans getting hooked on opioids.

However, Big Pharma actually started the opioid pandemic much earlier than that. Indeed, Big Pharma created Heroin all the way back in 1874, and later on aggressively marketed it as a safe and non-addictive cure for coughing.

The story starts with a scientist named C. R. Alder Wright, a scientist who actually had good intentions. He was looking for a way to make a safer version of Morphine, and experimented with combining Morphine with various acids. He boiled some Morphine in Acetic Acid, the same stuff found in Vinegar, and accidentally created Heroin. Once Wright discovered that Heroin was even more addictive than Morphine, he abandoned his research on it.

Unfortunately, 23 years later Heroin was ‘re-discovered’ by Felix Hoffman, a scientist working at Bayer, the same company which invented Aspirin. For whatever reason, Hoffmann thought that Heroin was safer than Morphine and non-addictive, and Bayer proceeded to aggressively market Heroin throughout the United States.

Indeed, in the article image above an ad for Heroin can be seen, and in that ad they are advertising Heroin as a cough medicine for children.

It is unclear if Bayer truly made a mistake in their science, in thinking that Heroin was non-addictive and safe, or if Bayer knew that Heroin was extremely addictive and dangerous and pushed it anyways in the name of profits. Considering all of the ‘money over lives’ decisions Big Pharma has made throughout history, it seems more likely that the latter is true, especially since Heroin was sold over the counter for almost 20 years before the government stepped in and banned it, and certainly well before that point it was already known that Heroin is a potent and deadly drug.

Notably, around the same time in history, Big Pharma pushed Cocaine as a solution for tooth aches.

Eventually the government totally banned Heroin in 1924, but by then it was too late, and Heroin simply became widespread on the blackmarket.

Thus, Big Pharma started the Heroin Pandemic via creating Heroin and then aggressively marketing it, while simultaneously lying about how addictive and deadly Heroin is, just like Big Pharma did with Oxycontin in 1999.

Therefore, history has repeated itself at least twice now, with Big Pharma unleashing opioid pandemics upon the world. In-fact, Big Pharma continues their tactics to this day and is fueling the current opioid pandemic.

The question is, when will the government wake up and permanently put an end to Big Pharma’s schemes, and end the opioid pandemic for good? Unfortunately, it seems the answer is never, since Big Pharma has control over the government when it comes to drug policy, and money will always be chosen over lives.

Fortunately a solution to all of the damage that Big Pharma has caused does exist, and this solution is Kratom, a natural opioid which is actually safe and non-addictive. In-fact, Kratom should be the holy grail for Big Pharma, if Big Pharma really did care about finding a safe and non-addictive alternative to Morphine.

In reality, Big Pharma is doing everything they can to ban Kratom, revealing that Big Pharma’s intentions all along, from the creation of Heroin and Oxycontin until now, were to make Americans into addicts. Therefore, no one should ever believe it when Big Pharma claims ignorance for creating and unleashing deadly drugs like Heroin and Oxycontin, and in general people should stay away from the synthetic opioids that Big Pharma produces.