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Chewing Fresh Kratom Leaves Experience Report

kratom leaves

Fresh Kratom leaves, i.e. leaves that are straight from the tree and still green, are extremely rare outside of Southeast Asia, since they usually turn brown within a few days without refrigeration, and even with refrigeration they lose their freshness in about 7-10 days. This is why Kratom vendors pretty much only offer dry and powderized Kratom leaves, since Kratom powder can stay fresh for months or years.

That being said, in the parts of Southeast Asia where Kratom grows, chewing the leaves is the most popular method of consumption, since it apparently provides fast and potent effects.

Fortunately, I live in Southeast Florida, which is one of the only parts of the United States where Kratom can grow outside. In-fact, there are at least several Kratom nurseries in my general area, and it’s starting to become an industry. One of these local Kratom growers stopped by and supplied me with a big bag of fresh leaves, giving me the chance to try chewing Kratom leaves for the first time in my life.

Notably, I have not taken any Kratom in 24 hours, so these leaves should work to their full potential. Also, I’ve weighed out 11 grams of leaves, which should be a powerful dose. I will be chewing them slowly over the course of hours and using the leaves to get through the work day, just like the workers in Southeast Asia.

T + 0 I have 10 leaves here, so on average each leaf weighs just over a gram, although some leaves are small and weigh less than a gram, and other leaves are huge and probably weigh more than 2 grams.

To start this experiment, I take a tiny fresh leaf, fold it up, and put it in my mouth. Immediately it releases bitter Kratom juice, but simultaneously, the leaves are nowhere near as bitter as Kratom powder, and definitely palatable.

Notably, the grower of these leaves says the best way to chew is to dump a pack of sugar in the middle of a big leaf and fold it up, and then chew it, but I don’t have any sugar packs left. I did try this a previous day and it makes the flavor really awesome though.

T + 2 I take a medium sized leaf. I get my gallon of water ready, I will definitely need to drink lots of water to chew all these leaves.

T + 5 I take one of the larger leaves and add it to the wad that I’m chewing. I keep it in the side of the mouth as I chew so I can absorb it sublingually, like chewing tobacco.

T + 10 A feeling of calm energy is washing over me. It was very subtle at first, but now intensifying. Stress really melting away, and fatigue and lethargy dissipating as well. This is so much better than Coffee for work.

I take another fairly large leaf. Although the taste of chewing all of these leaves is bitter, it is simultaneously very pleasant. The best way to describe it is that it has a very healthy taste.

T + 18 All at once, those classic Kratom feelings of warmth analgesia begin to spread across my body. Feeling really cozy. I take another leaf, and at this point chewing a massive wad of leaves.

T + 24 Unmistakeable feeling of euphoria now beginning to surge in. I take yet another leaf.

T + 39 I am feeling very articulate, getting my work done quickly, and coated in a blanket of Kratom warmth. Once again, I see why people in Southeast Asia chew Kratom leaves for working, it really unlocks your potential for getting quality work done.

I put another leaf in my mouth, only a couple leaves left. Chewing a huge wad of leaves that might take hours to be chewed down.

T + 64 I have a strong Kratom feeling right now of energy and peace, with moderate analgesia. I put another leaf in.

T + 103 Relaxing Kratom effects continue, perfect balance of energy to get all my work done. Putting in another leaf.

T + 120 I finished almost all of my work, so this Kratom was extremely effective. I have very strong Kratom effects now, and taking the last leaf. Still chewing a huge wad of leaves, you could literally chew the leaves all day if you wanted to, since they take forever to break down.

T + 130 I just swallowed the leaves on purpose, cause I’m tired of chewing.

T+ 150 Feeling very euphoric and simultaneously energetic.

T + 156 Very warm feeling setting in, with lots of analgesia, likely due to the Kratom I swallowed getting activated in my stomach.

T + 240 I just ate for the first time since taking the Kratom, and now I am feeling extremely sedated, but simultaneously intensely relaxed and euphoric.

Overall, chewing fresh Kratom leaves provides excellent effects, and it is extremely unique since it comes on quickly due to sublingual absorption in the mouth. Most notably, chewing Kratom leaves seems perfect for work and lifted me through the entire work day, and indeed this is a primary use of Kratom leaves in Southeast Asia. Also, chewing these leaves over the course of hours provides a perfect balance of energy, euphoria, and relaxation, and it is much more balanced than taking a bunch of Kratom powder all at once. All that being said, Kratom powder is awesome in its own way too, and even if I had leaves available everyday I’d probably use the powder most days instead of the leaves. However, every Kratom user should try chewing the leaves at some point in their life if they get the chance.