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EXP Botanicals E2 Kratom Extract Shot Experience Report

EXP Botanicals E2

Today I will be trying the EXP Botanicals E2 Kratom Extract Shot for the first time, which was obtained from Nu Wave Botanicals. This extract shot is derived from Maeng Da Kratom and contains high concentrations of Mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and a full spectrum of other alkaloids. In the below article I will describe the minute by minute experience.

Notably, I haven’t taken any Kratom in 24 hours, so this extract shot should work to its full potential.

10:22 PM I drink the shot, it has a bitter but simultaneously pleasant taste. Actually one of the best tastes for a Kratom shot that I’ve ever experienced. Similar taste to an OPMS shot but even better.

10:24 PM I pour some water in the shot to get out the last drops of it, and it comes out cleanly, unlike OPMS shots which always have stuff stuck to the bottom that is very difficult to get out.

10:25 PM An unmistakable feeling of calmness is already settling over me. It can be described as a shift in my perception/mind space. Only the most powerful Kratom extracts have this sort of effect.

10:26 PM Seconds later, a flush of opioid warmth begins spreading across my body, simultaneous with a surge of energy and articulation. It’s like my brain has suddenly woken up and is going at full power.

10:27 PM Euphoria is now surging in, butterflies in my stomach sortve feeling, in a good way. This seems to be the rocket fuel version of Kratom.

10:32 PM I am feeling so incredibly calm. All stress and lack of patience has been erased. I am just filled with love and good feelings. The whole world just feels amazing.

10:40 PM I must say that this is the most incredible Kratom extract that I have ever taken. Perfect and powerful euphoria, combined with complete serenity. Notably, I am also feeling complete analgesia, no pain or aches whatsoever.

10:49 PM Music is incredible right now. I’m thinking this Kratom extract is perfect for after work especially, transports you into a total state of peace no matter how stressful the day was. Unlike other Kratom extracts that are super strong, it’s not overpowering either. It’s the perfect balance of euphoria, opioid effects, and energy. I don’t feel sedated at all, just really articulate and excited.

10:54 PM Well, now feeling a transition into a more sedated state. Feels really good though.

11:04 PM Feeling intense opioid warmth, and just so happy to be writing and working right now. This shot is obviously very nice for the work day as well. Despite the extremely powerful effects I am not intoxicated at all, in-fact my cognition is higher than usual.

11:18 PM The effects are once again switching to more sedating, which is a good thing since it’s nearly the end of the day.

12:28 AM I’ve been very energetic, euphoric, and relaxed for the past hour, and also very motivated. It seems this is the plateau of the experience. Trending towards a sedative effective with time and I’ll likely go to sleep soon.

Overall, the EXP Botanicals E2 Kratom Extract Shot is definitely the best Kratom extract I have had since I starting using Kratom a decade ago. The balance of powerful effects, while simultaneously not being overwhelming, makes this the perfect Kratom extract. I think it would be a good thing to take anytime, whether it be during the work day, during social events, or after work. It has tremendous euphoria, relaxation, and analgesia with zero intoxication.