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EXP Botanicals E3 Kratom Extract Shot Experience Report

E3 Kratom extract shot

Today I will be taking the EXP Botanicals E3 Kratom extract shot for the first time, which was obtained from Nu Wave Botanicals. It is the cousin of the E2 Kratom extract shot, which was discussed in a previous article on The Kratom Herald, but it has some key differences.

E3 contains a potent Kratom extract, just like the E2, but also includes White Willow Bark and Wild Dagga. White Willow Bark has the scientific name Salix alba, and it’s active alkaloid is called Salicin, and it has anti-inflammatory and fever reducing properties similar to Aspirin. In-fact, Aspirin was derived from White Willow Bark.

Wild Dagga has the scientific name Leonotis leonurus, and it has pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing properties, and is often used in smoking blends as an alternative to Cannabis, since the effects when smoked are like a mild version of Cannabis.

Therefore, it is clear how White Willow Bark and Wild Dagga can potentiate Kratom’s effects, and that is the idea behind this E3 shot.

Without further ado, here’s the experience report.

2:32 PM I drank 1 bottle of E3, and it was absolutely delicious! Literally the best tasting Kratom extract ever.

2:36 PM Waves of warmth and relaxation already washing over me.

2:53 PM Just did a prayer session, and rapidly over the course of 15 minutes I began to feel powerful euphoria, analgesia, and relaxation, while simultaneously I am surging with energy. This E3 is good stuff!

3:02 PM Very strong relaxation with a touch of sedation setting in. This E3 has a unique effect’s profile for sure due to the Wild Dagga and White Willow Bark, and it is significantly more relaxing and calming than regular Kratom.

3:11 PM All of my stress and fatigue is totally gone, which is a complete 180 from earlier this morning.

3:36 PM I just gave my wife a shot of E3, and I’ll report back on her experience. As for me, euphoria, energy, and relaxation is continuing. This E3 puts me in a really good mood.

5:32 PM I continue to be very relaxed and euphoric. This E3 is definitely long lasting. My wife reports that it is very relaxing, and that it has strong medicinal properties. Indeed, she was a little sick this morning, but after the E3 she feels totally better. 

Overall the EXP Botanicals E3 Kratom extract shot provided an all-around excellent experience. The euphoria was as strong as any Kratom product could get, and the most notable aspect of E3 is that the calming and analgesic effects are stronger than any other Kratom extract I have tried. It seems the White Willow Bark and Wild Dagga it contains really enhances the pain relief. Therefore, I think this extract is perfect for anyone dealing with chronic pain, and also an excellent choice for people who need to alleviate stress.