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EXP Botanicals Kratom Coffee Dark Roast Experience Report

Kratom coffee

Months ago I mixed Kratom powder with Coffee and put it through my Coffee machine, and the results were quite nice. Now I have received some professionally made Kratom Coffee courtesy of Nu Wave Botanicals. Specifically, it is Coffee infused with Kratom extract, and in this article I will describe the minute by minute experience.

Notably, I have not taken any Kratom in 24 hours, so this Kratom Coffee should work to its full potential. Also, I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I am tired and fatigued, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to try Kratom Coffee. I am hoping it invigorates me so that I can get the day started.

10:19 AM I open up the bag of Kratom Coffee and smell it. It smells like typical dark roast Coffee but there is a slight difference, but it’s hard to put my finger on what the difference exactly is.

10:23 AM I put the entire sample bag of Kratom Coffee into the Coffee maker, and put in only 4 cups of water, since it seems like it’s not that much material relative to a Coffee maker. I weighed it on a scale and it was roughly 16 grams of Kratom Coffee per sample bag.

I took the below picture. It indeed looks a bit different than regular Coffee. Notably, it’s quite black, but has a reddish tinge, especially when I use the flash on my camera.

10:33 AM I tasted a spoonful without any other added ingredients, and it tastes like Coffee, but distinctly different, with some notes of Kratom bitterness coming through. Time to add the cream and sugar.

10:37 AM I added a dash of 2% milk and a generous serving of Florida Key’s Raw Honey, and now it tastes absolutely incredible. Even from a few sips my fatigue and stress is lifting away.

10:43 AM Made my wife a cup since she’s in the same boat with a lack of sleep, but finally settling down to drink the whole big cup I made for myself. Already noticed surges of opioid warmth from the few sips I took before.

10:49 AM Seems like the feeling this gives is precisely like taking Kratom and Coffee at the exact same time, but the Kratom feeling is stronger than the Coffee feeling, which is ideal.

10:52 AM My energy is definitely boosted from the Caffeine, but more powerful than that is a surge of euphoria, relaxation, and opioid warmth from the Kratom. This is an incredibly unique experience, and I’m really enjoying it.

11:05 AM Feeling relaxed, calm, and good, and most importantly I’ve gone from super tired to reading and working. This Kratom Coffee is the perfect morning pick-me-up.

12:01 PM The pleasant effects have continued, and I feel really good as compared to this morning when I woke up and felt as slow as maple syrup, but I believe its time to double down. I’m putting another 16 gram sample pack into the Coffee maker. I added it on top of the grounds from the first 16 grams I put in, cause I bet the leftovers are still pretty potent since I only ran 4 cups of water through it before.

12:17 PM Starting to drink my 2nd big cup of Kratom Coffee. It is super delicious with milk and honey.

12:35 PM My wife really loves this Kratom Coffee, so I’m running 6 cups through the leftovers, and added a pile of Cinnamon into the Coffee maker, which was her idea.

Overall, this Kratom Coffee is an amazing morning pick-me-up, and it completely took away my fatigue and lethargy, and the mix of Coffee and Kratom effects is extremely unique. That being said, for my regular daily Kratom dose I’d much prefer a purely Kratom product, since I am generally not that into the Caffeine feeling, and it would take a lot of Kratom Coffee to get powerful Kratom effects.

Therefore, this Kratom Coffee is an excellent option for the morning, or for during work, and I highly recommend it. It is certainly far better than regular Coffee. I believe the best way to take this is to drink some Kratom Coffee early on in the day to get the day started, followed by a regular Kratom dose many hours later in the late afternoon or evening.