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Green Kapuas Hulu Kratom Experience Report

Green Kapuas Hulu Kratom

In this article I will describe the minute by minute experience when taking Green Kapuas Hulu Kratom from Experience Botanicals, which was obtained from Nu Wave Botanicals. This Kratom comes from the Kapuas Hulu Forest, which is a dense and ancient Kratom forest located on the island of Borneo in Indonesia.

Opening up the Kratom it smells extremely fresh, and also looks very fresh and has a nice greenish hue. I capped up the entire sample bag that I had and it came out to just over 30 capsules. For this experience I plan on taking 20 capsules, which is 10 grams, and that is a strong dose for me.

1 PM: I’ve taken 13 of the capsules so far, and already feeling a subtle shift in perception and euphoria.

1:04 PM: Already feeling a definitive surge of opioid warmth, this must be very strong Kratom for the effects to hit so fast. I take only a few more capsules, bringing the total to 16, since I have a lot of work to do and don’t want to completely pass out.

1:14 PM: Feeling an ever increasing surge of euphoria. Gotta eat something so this Kratom doesn’t come on too quick.

1:37 PM: Feeling very relaxed and calm, but a bit tired, because my sleep deprivation over the course of the work week has added up. I notice that when I take Kratom when I’m tired, it has a very sedating effect almost immediately.

2:05 PM: I laid down for a little while and felt waves of euphoria, and also complete pain relief. Basically, I felt like the Pink Floyd song ‘Comfortably Numb’. This is absolutely the strongest Kratom I’ve had in a long time. Now that I am back up I am very relaxed and happy and in a good state of mind to get things done.

2:23 PM: Euphoria is going to the next level, it’s rare that Kratom ever feels this good. I am very articulate and talkative right now.

2:29 PM: Eating a delicious sandwich, and the opioid effects are really amplifying. Perfect opioid warmth, like I’m sitting in a ray of sunlight on the beach, and complete analgesia.

3:13 PM: I’ve been at a plateau for awhile now, feeling relaxed and happy and getting work done.

4:50 PM: Still feeling strong Kratom effects, getting very tired at this point.

Overall this was the best Kratom I had in months. It had powerful opioid effects, and really took away all my stress and had me feeling euphoric for hours, which helped me to push through a hard day of work. Also, this Kratom seems to be excellent for sleep, since after several hours strong sedation sets in.