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How To Grow Kratom At Home

growing kratom

Growing Kratom at home is an exciting project for multiple reasons. First off, it can provide a supply of fresh Kratom leaves, and when chewed or smoked these leaves provide very unique effects relative to regular Kratom powder. Secondly, it is simply awesome to watch Kratom grow in your home. Thirdly, it is an insurance policy against Kratom getting banned.

In this article I will explain how to grow Kratom at home, in a few simple steps and using a few simple supplies. Indeed, growing Kratom can actually be quite easy and stress free if you do the things explained below.

Obtaining The Kratom Tree

Step 1 is of course to obtain a Kratom tree. There are several different ways to obtain a Kratom tree, including planting seeds, buying a seedling, buying a cutting, buying a rooted cutting, and buying a mature tree.

If at all possible, buy a mature Kratom tree, since Kratom trees that are 1-3 years old have much more hardiness and are unlikely to die. On the other hand, Kratom seedlings and cuttings can easily die for many reasons, such as temperature, overwatering, under watering, wrong balance of nutrients, fungus, etc.

Further, if at all possible, obtain the Kratom tree without putting it through the mail, because the mailing process could kill it or stunt it for life.

Due to these criteria, I waited many years to obtain a Kratom tree, until eventually I met a Kratom grower who personally delivered a mature Kratom tree to me.

The Supplies You Will Need To Grow Kratom Indoors

Once you have obtained the Kratom tree, the next step is to setup a tropical environment for the Kratom tree inside of your home. This can be accomplished with a greenhouse, grow light, and a humidifier.

The grow light is absolutely essential, since the sun coming through the windows is not enough for the Kratom tree to flourish, especially in the winter months. I have a 1,200W grow light for reference.

The humidifier is essential, since Kratom needs humidity levels of 85-100% to thrive. Finally, the greenhouse is essential, since it traps in heat and humidity. Try to get the biggest greenhouse that you can fit in your house, since the bigger it is, the larger the Kratom tree will be able to get.

How To Care For Your Kratom Tree

Once you have all of your supplies and the greenhouse is setup, with the grow light hanging from the top and the humidifier installed, and the Kratom tree is in the greenhouse, it is easy to care for your Kratom tree. Simply water the Kratom tree once every 2-3 days, and keep the humidity levels in the greenhouse above 90% via turning the humidifier on whenever necessary, which is only once every 2-3 days as well. Also, simply keep the grow light on 24/7, using both the blue and red light in combination.

Also, make sure you fertilize the Kratom tree. From my experience, coffee grounds, which can be obtained from Starbucks, and Timothy Hay, are the best fertilizers, since they don’t cause any burning.

Finally, here’s pictures of my indoor Kratom tree on day 1 when I got it, and today, just over 2 months since I started growing it. As can be seen, it’s grown many more leafy branches and has proliferated in just 2 months using these simple steps.

Notably, there is Cannabis growing in the 2nd picture, but it is in-fact legal Hemp, via seeds I found in a bag of legal Hemp flower.

growing kratom