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Hush Kratom Gummies Experience Report

Hush Kratom Gummies

Today I will be eating a Kratom edible for the first time in my life. Specifically, I will be taking Hush Kratom Gummies obtained from Nu Wave Botanicals, which are infused with Kratom extract.

Apparently these gummies are ‘Tropical Passion’ flavored, and each gummy contains 10-11 mg of Mitragynine, but it is a full spectrum extract so it contains a bit of 7-hydroxymitragynine as well. Since a gram of Kratom leaf typically has 10-15 mg of Mitragynine, each gummy is like taking a gram of Kratom leaf. This is especially true when considering that Kratom extract works stronger and faster than Kratom leaf, so a dose of 10-11 mg of extract per gummy could actually have stronger effects than a gram of Kratom.

Further, this pack has 10 gummies in it, so if I eat the whole pack it will certainly be a powerful dose of Kratom. That being said, I’m planning on sharing a little of it with my wife.

Notably, I have not taken any Kratom since yesterday, so these Kratom gummies should work to their full potential. Also, my stomach is empty, so it should work more efficiently.

Without further ado, here is the experience report!

11:44 AM I open the bag and it smells like really strong pineapple. Each gummy is in the shape of a little star, here is the picture below.

11:48 AM I finally eat one of the gummies. It’s a bit chewy for a gummy, and is quite bitter for candy, and in-fact I can taste the Kratom in it a bit. That being said, it is quite palatable and tastes really good for a Kratom-based product. The pineapple really seems to equalize the Kratom taste.

11:51 AM Not even done eating the gummies and I feel a surge of opioid warmth.

11:52 AM I finish eating the gummies, and by the time I got to the last couple of them I am really loving the taste. It’s a very unique taste of tropical fruit with a slight note of Kratom.

I took 8 gummies total, which is 80-88 mg of Mitragynine, equivalent to 5-9 grams of leaf. I gave two to my wife.

11:55 AM Unmistakable feeling of building euphoria and stress relief. These gummies are surprisingly potent.

11:59 AM Feeling really sedated suddenly, which happens sometimes when I take Kratom after not getting enough sleep.

12:55 PM Well the sedation got stronger and stronger, and I was somewhere between a dream and reality while laying in bed, with strong euphoria and opioid analgesia. These gummies have way exceeded my expectations!

Now that I’m up feeling very relaxed and euphoric, zero aches and pains, and zero stress.

1:35 PM Incredibly talkative, articulate, and energetic, while simultaneously extremely relaxed and euphoric. It’s amazing how this experience has transitioned from a strong sedative effect to highly energetic.

2:28 PM Ate lunch, still feeling strongly relaxing effects.

Overall, I give these Hush Kratom extract gummies an A+. They far exceeded my expectations, and brought about an extremely powerful Kratom experience even though I did not even take the whole bag. Also, it is a much nicer way to take Kratom than powder or capsules. Based on this, I think Kratom edibles have a bright future, and I hope more varieties of edibles start to hit the market in the coming years.