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I Constantly Monitored My Heart Rate And Took EKGs During A Kratom Experience, And This Is What I Found

In this article I detail an experiment where I constantly monitored my heart rate and conducted Electrocardiograms (EKGs) on myself before and during a Kratom experience. This experimented was conducted with a smart watch that passively measures heart rate, as well as an app which takes a 30 second EKG on demand.

The heart rate is actually a decent measure of what’s going on during someone’s day. For example, when someone goes to sleep their heart rate goes much lower, and in general when someone is relaxed their heart rate drops. On the other hand, if someone is stressed out, angry, or exercising vigorously, then the heart rate goes much higher.

I haven’t taken Kratom in over two days, so my stress is higher than usual. I took three level teaspoons of Remarkable Herbs Bali Kratom, which is a strong dose for me.

I began to feel very relaxed and happy like usual, and the heart rate data (above chart) shows my heart rate steadily dropping from 106 right before I took the Kratom at 2:35 pm to 86 about half an hour later. This is basically scientific proof that the Kratom made me much more relaxed. Notably, this heart rate decrease happened despite the fact that I was working and walking around.

After that initial drop in heart rate, my heart rate rose back up to roughly 90-100 as can be seen in the above chart. Note, that this chart starts at midnight and shows my heart rate lowering when I go to sleep, and then a high heart rate in the morning when I was stressed out. After taking the Kratom around 3 pm my heart rate was lower and in a narrower range, with less high spikes.

As for the EKG data (above chart), it showed up as all normal before and during the Kratom experience according to the App. I am not an expert at EKGs, but from my untrained eye it appears nothing changed in the charts.

Overall, it seems Kratom lowered my heart rate a bit, and at the least did not increase my heart rate. It is also notable that before I took the Kratom, when I was stressed, my heart rate had a large range, likely due to spikes in stress, and after I took the Kratom the range generally narrowed, since I was able to handle stressful stimuli better, basically since I was calmer and happier. Also, from the simple EKG analysis, Kratom did not cause any negative changes in my heart.

That being said, this data is tenuous at best, since it is just one experiment, and the data is just from me. However, perhaps a scientific study could be done by amassing this sort of data from numerous Kratom users. Such a study is quite possible via smart watch technology, since heart rate data like this is passively collected. It is just a matter of having Kratom users mark down what time they took their Kratom dose and sharing this data.