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In Our Society People Often Jump Straight To The Hard Drugs, If They Instead Tried Kratom First It Would Save Their Life

drug addiction

Our society is dealing with a drug pandemic on a terrifying scale, and it seems practically every young person in America ultimately turns towards drugs to deal with life’s hardships. Indeed, life’s hardships are worse than ever with the Coronavirus destroying the economy, and the associated strict restrictions on social activities and outdoor activities, and the drug problem is rapidly worsening.

I believe one of the reasons that the drug situation in our country is so bad is that people who are just starting drugs to manage their problems often jump right to the hard drugs. I think this is due to the glamorization of drugs like Cocaine and Heroin in movies, on the internet, and on the street.

Basically, when someone starts drugs, they typically start with Alcohol or Cannabis. Of course, neither Alcohol or Cannabis is a long term solution for relieving stress and dealing with life’s problems, especially since these substances are intoxicating and limit the ability of a person to function. Due to the intoxicating nature of Alcohol and Cannabis, people who take them to deal with life’s problems usually end up with worse problems, at which point they feel a desire to take stronger drugs in order to induce artificial happiness.

Indeed, usually people jump right from Alcohol/Cannabis to Cocaine, Meth, Heroin, and the pharmaceutical pill equivalents like Oxycodone and Adderall. Once that happens, a person’s life can rapidly spiral out of control, and they can lose everything within a year if not months.

It is very unfortunate that people jump right to the life-destroying hard drugs, and also unnecessary. Kratom has been proven by a massive amount of scientific studies and subjective reports to be a perfect solution for stress and pain, while also increasing focus and energy.

In other words, people jump to hard drugs looking for stress relief, happiness, and even to function better. The hard drugs don’t provide this, and instead lead to a complete less of happiness, massive stress, and a complete failure to function normally. On the other hand, Kratom provides all of these benefits while being no more addictive than Coffee.

Further, Kratom is non-intoxicating, and actually increases cognitive function, so someone switching from Alcohol/Cannabis to Kratom will begin having a successful life, since they will be able to function correctly and achieve their goals.

Once again, the reason people jump straight to hard drugs is because hard drugs have been glamorized in movies, on the internet, and on the street to be the most powerful drugs. In actuality, hard drugs are not very effective. They may provide powerful effects the first few times, but rapidly lead to a terrible addiction, and the hard drugs stop working, leading to rapidly rising dosages and overdose.

Quite simply, despite the glamor and hype behind hard drugs, Kratom actually works a whole lot better than any hard drug for stress relief, pain relief, focus, and energy.

Ideally the government would officially give this education to young adults in drug classes, and that would go a long way towards ending the drug pandemic. Indeed, if every new drug user tried Kratom instead of jumping right to hard drugs, the drug pandemic could possibly end.

Unfortunately, the government is generally against Kratom, and will never recommend that people take Kratom. Therefore, it is up to us to educate others about how people should try Kratom first before jumping to hard drugs, and how even if someone is on hard drugs they should switch to Kratom to get their life back.