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In The Firmest Proof Yet That The FDA Chooses Money Over Lives And Regularly Makes Deals With The Devil, The FDA Has Effectively Made All Vaping Products Illegal, Which Will Lead To A Horrendous Surge In Tobacco Deaths

The Kratom community has been locked into a battle with the FDA for years. Essentially, despite countless subjective reports that Kratom is beneficial for managing chronic pain, drug addiction, and mental health, in addition to a mountain of scientific evidence proving the safety and efficacy of Kratom, the FDA continues to say that Kratom has no approved uses, is dangerous, and should be banned. In-fact, debating the FDA on Kratom is like trying to debate with the paint on your wall, since no matter which evidence you show the FDA regarding Kratom’s safety and benefits, the FDA simply won’t respond and will continue to try and get Kratom banned.

This situation is actually so absurd that it is obvious that the FDA is not trying to fulfill their mission of protecting public health, but is instead choosing money over lives and working to advance the interests of Big Pharma. Indeed, the reason that the FDA and Big Pharma want Kratom banned is so that Americans will have no choice besides synthetic opioids and opiates, which fills the coffers of Big Pharma with the blood money that they strongly desire. For the FDA, lives simply don’t come into the equation, it’s only about money.

Now the firmest proof yet that the FDA is outright evil has come forth, in the form of the Premarket Tobacco Product Applications (PMTA). What this law essentially does is make all vaping products illegal, leaving cigarettes and other forms of tobacco as the only nicotine option for Americans, which is insane considering that tobacco kills 8 million people every year, which is over 900 deaths per hour, and maims millions more.

With the passage of the PMTA, even more people will be dying from tobacco. Indeed, vaping, which is far safer than tobacco, was the only real hope for nicotine addicted Americans.

In a very similar case to what is going on with Big Pharma and the FDA in order to get Kratom banned, Big Tobacco teamed up with the FDA in order to get vaping banned. Philip Morris (Altria) and other Big Tobacco companies spent tremendous amounts of money on lawyers and lobbyists, and likely on bribing the FDA, in order to create this PMTA law which requires that all Tobacco products introduced to the market after February 15 2007 require FDA approval, and must be proven to be safe and beneficial for public health.

Where this law really got twisted is when the FDA declared that all vape products are considered Tobacco, even though they are not Tobacco. Further, the deadline date in 2007 is before any vaping products were introduced to the market, so the FDA has the power to deem any vaping product illegal.

Zooming out, the exact mission of the PMTA law was to make all vaping products illegal, since there were none before 2007, while grandfathering in all cigarette and tobacco products. Literally, the FDA is protecting cigarettes, which is one of the biggest killers in America, and trying to ban the only safe alternative to cigarettes, which is vaping.

To make matters even worse, the PMTA application for vape products requires hundreds of thousands of dollars, a requirement which will demolish most of the vape industry since most small vape manufacturers cannot afford it. Further, even the vape manufacturers who can afford the application probably have no shot of getting their applications approved even if they spend the money.

Indeed, just like the FDA has been rejecting every Kratom related New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) application, the FDA has the power to reject all PMTA applications for any reason that they make up.

In-fact, the only PMTA application approved at this point is a product from Big Tobacco company Philip Morris which vaporizes actual tobacco, which is obviously far more dangerous than a regular vape, yet the FDA approves that and hasn’t approved any vaping related applications.

Ultimately, now that the PMTA is in effect as of Wednesday, it is very likely that the vaping industry will be demolished in the coming months, and ultimately the only thing left will be Big Tobacco products like cigarettes and chewing tobacco. This will lead to countless deaths, countless families destroyed, and an untold amount of suffering, all because the FDA, an organization which is supposed to protect public health, always instead chooses to make deals with literal devils and choose money over lives.

Thus, the true scope of the FDA’s evil has been revealed, with the FDA banning the vape industry while simultaneously pushing cigarettes upon the American public. Considering this, it is blatantly obvious that anything the FDA says about Kratom is untrue, and that the FDA is in Big Pharma’s pocket as well.

On a final note, what the FDA just did to the vaping industry is a warning of what could happen to the Kratom industry, and Kratom warriors need to aggressively fight against the FDA and spread knowledge about Kratom’s safety and benefits before it is too late.