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Kratom Extract Gold Reserve Tablets Experience Report

Today I will be taking Kratom Extract Gold Reserve tablets from Zion Herbals, which can be obtained at NuWave Botanicals. Each of these tablets contains 100 mg of 45% Mitragynine extract, and apparently compared to Lucky 80, which uses 80% Mitragynine, the 45% Mitragynine extract has a fuller spectrum of other alkaloids. Further, apparently the Kratom Extract Gold Reserve has a more relaxing effect versus the Lucky 80, which is highly energetic, and many people prefer the Kratom Extract Gold Reserve since it is akin to a ‘red vein’ extract.

Since each tablet contains 45 mg of Mitragynine, that is roughly equivalent to 3-4 grams of Kratom leaf. However, since the extract is released all at once, versus regular Kratom powder which digests and releases slowly, perhaps each tablet is more equivalent to 5-7 grams of leaf.

Based on this, I am starting with just 1 tablet, although may decide to take another based on how the experience is going. Notably, I have not taken any Kratom today, so this tablet should work to it’s full potential.

T + 0 I chew the first tablet, and find that is indeed meant for chewing. It contains sugar and tastes really nice, with the perfect blend of sweetness and Kratom flavor.

T + 5 Bursting with energy, and almost instantly that classic Kratom warmth is surging in. Also definitely feeling euphoria already. This extract is clearly potent and fast acting.

T + 8 Euphoric effects are rapidly increasing. This is exceeding my expectations considering the alkaloid level. It must have a lot of 7-hydroxymitragynine as well. Also notably there are strong analgesic effects already.

T + 18 I feel completely serene and simultaneously energetic and motivated. It’s the perfect Kratom feeling.

T + 62 Fairly strong Kratom effects continue, although there was definitely a peak early on and it’s now plateauing at a lower level. With 1 pill the effects were really good, but the peak effects didn’t last long.

T + 67 I am taking another tablet.

T + 69 Nearly instantly euphoria is surging back.

T + 79 Feeling extremely euphoric, and energy has surged back in force and really motivated to write. I’ve never had a Kratom re-dose work this well.

T + 145 Very good Kratom effects have persisted, and it’s not so short acting after taking that 2nd pill. Perfect balance of energy and relaxation for work.

T + 166 Got all my work done, and this Kratom definitely played a big role in helping me get all my work done. Feeling a bit sedated now and extremely relaxed.

Overall, these Kratom Extract Gold Reserve tablets are highly effective and work almost instantly. This is definitely one of the best Kratom extracts I have tried, since there is a perfect balance of energy, relaxation, and analgesia.