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Kratom Fun Fact: Your Daily Dose Of Kratom Has Traveled At Least 10,000 Miles To Get To You, If Not Much More

Nowadays it is very easy to obtain Kratom, since there is a smoke shop every few blocks selling Kratom, and reputable online vendors like Nu Wave Botanicals can send Kratom directly to your mailbox without you having to move an inch.

However, one thing Kratom users perhaps do not realize is that their daily dose of Kratom has traveled an immense distance to reach them. In-fact, Kratom travels at least 10,000 miles to reach users in the United States, if not much more.

This is because 95% of the United States’ Kratom supply comes from Indonesia. Further, the remaining 5% is likely from Indonesia as well, except it was diverted through another country before reaching the United States, since there is essentially no other place in the world besides Indonesia where Kratom is produced and exported on a commercial scale.

Indonesia is very far away from the United States. According to Google the mean distance from Indonesia to the United States is 9,300 miles, as seen below.

I used Google Earth to measure the minimum and maximum distances between Indonesia and the United States, and it varied between 7,000 miles and 11,000 miles.

Further, these distances are if the Kratom travels in a completely straight line, which it does not. Most Kratom is shipped on container ships, and these container ships stop at several ports of call in order to fuel up and drop off/pick up goods. Basically, the container ships which transport Kratom move in massive zig zags across the Pacific Ocean, if not across the whole world, adding thousands of miles to the journey.

The same goes for air transportation, since a cargo plane carrying Kratom is likely to make multiple stops before reaching the United States, and these stops can be all over the world, and nowhere near a straight line.

Beyond that, once the Kratom reaches the United States it certainly does not travel in a straight line to your house. First the Kratom comes into a port of call, and then it is transported to vendor warehouses, which can be on opposite sides of the country. Then the Kratom may be traded between vendors, causing it to travel across the country again, before eventually ending up in your local smokeshop or mailbox.

Thus, it is safe to say that your daily dose of Kratom has traveled at least 10,000 miles before getting to you, if not upwards of 20,000 miles. To put this in perspective, the distance between New York and Los Angeles is 2,800 miles, so the distance that Kratom travels is equivalent to crossing the United States from sea to shining sea 4-7 times.

It is truly a wonder of modern technology and infrastructure that it is even possible for a leaf on a tree 10,000+ miles away to reach your cupboard, and it is yet another reason to be extremely thankful for your daily Kratom dose.