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Kratom Is A Performance Enhancer For Sports Since It Relieves Pain, Eliminates Fatigue, And Increases Energy; In-Fact, Kratom May Be The Only Safe And Effective Performance Enhancer Allowed In Professional Sports

Kratom is often thought of as a safe alternative to drugs and alcohol, or as an effective way to alleviate stress and chronic pain, but another miraculous aspect of Kratom is that it can enhance performance during athletic activities, such as exercise and sports.

Indeed, one of the primary effects of Kratom is that it provides a burst of energy, and simultaneously relieves fatigue. Based on my experience, and the subjective experiences of countless Kratom users, Kratom can relieve fatigue and provide energy even better than Coffee, and this energy can last for many hours.

Further, another primary effect of Kratom is that it relieves pain and soreness, which can be essential during sports, since sports players typically accumulate injuries and soreness, and they often need something to alleviate the pain so they can keep playing.

When all three of these effects are combined, the increase in energy, the elimination of fatigue, and pain relief, it can be enough to turn someone who is tired and sore into a running or weight lifting machine.

In-fact, it is subjectively well-known that Kratom is extremely popular among people who go to the gym, particularly weight lifters, since there is really nothing else that can relieve pain and increase energy in a safe way like Kratom does.

Zooming out, Kratom’s properties make it an obvious choice as a performance enhancer, and if Kratom was allowed in professional sports, it would give athletes an edge.

Before writing this article I was certain that Kratom must be a banned substance in professional sports, since Kratom is even banned in horse racing, but to my surprise I found no indication that Kratom is banned in the NFL, NBA, or MLB.

Further, Kratom is not even on the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) list of prohibited substances. Apparently the USADA had previously monitored athletes for Kratom, but stopped monitoring for Kratom in 2018, making Kratom an allowed substance for athletes.

Considering this, Kratom may be the only legitimate and safe performance enhancer that professional athletes can use. That being said, this topic deserves far more research, since the legalities are complex and every organization has its own rules, so if you’re a professional athlete do heavy research before taking Kratom.

However, for everyone else who is not in professional sports, Kratom is an obvious choice to boost your athletic performance, whether you’re simply trying to get more workouts done at the gym or you’re playing in a competitive sports league.