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Kratom Is Far Safer, And Obviously Far More Effective, Than Tylenol; In-fact, Tylenol Causes 56,000 Emergency Room Visits Per Year And Accounts For 50% Of All US Acute Liver Failures

The FDA has tried to frame Kratom as a dangerous, addictive, and deadly drug, and put together just over 40 Kratom related deaths’, which were in-fact actually due to polydrug abuse involving synthetic opioids, opiates, and prescription medicines.

In reality, Kratom has caused zero scientifically proven deaths in history, and is actually among the safest supplements in the world. In-fact, Kratom is actually far safer than Tylenol.

Although Tylenol has a public image of being safe and benign, and you’ve probably taken Tylenol since you were a child, it is actually a dangerous and deadly drug. Tylenol causes over 100,000 calls to poison control centers, 56,000 emergency room visits, and about 500 deaths per year due to acute liver failure. Indeed, Tylenol is estimated to be the cause of 50% of acute liver failures in the United States.

The problem with Tylenol is that it is metabolized in the liver into N-Acetylbenzoquinoneimine (NAPQI), a molecule which reacts with liver proteins and causes cell damage. The liver damage this causes is actually irreversible, which is a critically bad thing, since the body depends on the liver to filter poisons out of the body, and the body also depends on the liver for the production of essential biochemicals and properly metabolizing food.

Also, the recommended maximum dose of Tylenol per day is 3 grams, while the estimated lethal dose is 10 grams in one day, which is a very narrow range between the therapeutic dose and the lethal dose. Indeed, even synthetic opioids and opiates are far more safe when it comes to the range between the therapeutic dose and the lethal dose.

The truly insane thing is that doctors will recommend that pain patients take Tylenol and NSAIDS (like Ibuprofen and Advil), and withhold prescriptions for opioids. This is extremely problematic, since first off Tylenol and NSAIDS are not very effective for real pain. These drugs relieve inflammation for a temporary amount of time, and do nothing to relieve actual pain. Since these drugs are so ineffective, chronic pain patients will take the highest amount of Tylenol and NSAIDS that is allowed, usually in combination, leading to potential liver failure and also GI tract bleeding due to NSAIDS.

NSAIDS are actually even more dangerous and deadly than Tylenol, which will be discussed in a future article on The Kratom Herald.

Zooming out, Kratom is actually effective for chronic pain. Indeed, Kratom has beenĀ proven to be effective for even the most severe chronic pain conditions. Further, Kratom is completely safe and doesn’t cause any damage to the body, nor does Kratom have any potential to cause death.

Thus, Kratom is obviously a far safer and better painkiller than Tylenol, and the fact that the FDA and the medical industry pushes Tylenol, a drug which is ineffective and dangerous, while simultaneously demonizing Kratom, proves just how asinine the FDA’s war against Kratom really is.