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Kratom Leads To Less Heroin And Methamphetamine Use, And Reduces HIV Risk Behaviors According To Malaysian Study

A study of 260 Malaysian drug users found that Kratom use led to significantly less illicit drug use, as well as a reduction in the risky behaviors that can lead to HIV/AIDS.

First off, the study found that Kratom significantly decreased regular heroin use, which makes sense since there are numerous subjective reports that Kratom has helped people to get off of opiates and powerful synthetic opioids long term, as discussed in a previous article on The Kratom Herald. Essentially, Kratom is a potent opioid agonist, but simultaneously leads to less addiction and withdrawal risk, as well as almost no overdose risk, since it is an atypical opioid.

Aside from less heroin use, the study found that Kratom led to less methamphetamine and amphetamine use. Indeed, Kratom has stimulant properties especially in lower doses, and for hundreds or thousands of years Kratom has been used in Southeast Asia to increase work efficiency. Simultaneously, Kratom does not cause people to lose sleep or start hallucinating, making it advantageous compared to classical stimulants like methamphetamine and amphetamine which can cause people to not sleep for a week, at which point they may become clinically insane.

The study also found that Kratom reduces IV use of drugs, in addition to reducing the sharing of needles. Heroin and methamphetamine are perhaps the most commonly injected drugs among illicit drug users, so if Kratom reduces heroin and methamphetamine use, it makes sense that it also reduces IV drug use. Injecting drugs and sharing needles is a common cause of HIV/AIDS, and less people injecting drugs also means less people are at risk of getting HIV/AIDS.

Aside from that, the study found that Kratom reduces the rate at which drug users have relations with prostitutes. The study does not theorize as to why this is happening. However, it is subjectively well-known that Kratom users are able to have a normal functioning life, and are therefore more likely to be in a stable relationship. Also, Kratom users are more likely to make sane decisions, rather than heroin and methamphetamine users which are known for making very risky decisions.

Thus, reducing HIV/AIDS risk behaviors can be added to the list of potential Kratom benefits, as shown by this study.