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Kratom Legalization In Thailand Is Getting Closer, But It Appears It Will Just Be Approved For Limited Medical Use Rather Than Being Fully Legalized

Ten months ago the Justice Minister of Thailand announced that Kratom would be legalized, which was critically important news both for the people of Thailand and the entire world, since Kratom is scheduled to be banned in Indonesia on New Year’s Day 2022, and if Thailand legalizes Kratom before then, it would help ensure that the world will continue to have a healthy supply of Kratom.

Indeed, 95% of the United States’ Kratom comes from Indonesia, and if Indonesia bans Kratom, then the United States would pretty much run out of Kratom and prices would skyrocket, unless a major Kratom growing region like Thailand legalizes Kratom before that happens.

Now it is 10 months later though, and Kratom legalization in Thailand is moving at a snail’s pace, with no definitive sign of when legalization will take place.

More importantly, it does not appear that Kratom will truly be legalized in Thailand. Rather, it seems Kratom will be approved for medical use. Although this is definitely great news for the people of Thailand, it would do nothing to help supply the world with Kratom.

Specifically, if the legalization bill is passed, Kratom could be produced, imported, and exported only for medicinal reasons, and anyone who exports Kratom for purely commercial reasons will face two years in jail and a hefty fine.

Ominously, the bill would simultaneously ban the advertising of Kratom products, as well as establish jail sentences for anyone in Thailand who uses Kratom recreationally without receiving medical approval.

Basically, as the Kratom legalization bill in Thailand comes into focus, it is becoming more and more limited. In-fact, it remains to be seen if people who need Kratom in Thailand for medical reasons will be able to get Kratom, or if the system will be so arduous and strict that barely anyone will receive approval to use Kratom for medicinal reasons.

Zooming out, it is becoming clear that Thailand will not be able to supply the world with Kratom. Considering that, the Kratom community and industry needs to work overtime to reverse the 2022 Indonesian Kratom ban.