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Kratom Legalization Victory: Monroe County In Mississippi Reverses A Kratom Ban That Has Been In Place Since May 2019

Kratom Monroe county

Monroe County in Mississippi has rescinded a Kratom ban that was put in place during May 2019, and this is a big victory for Kratom warriors everywhere, and is a sign that the Kratom legalization fight is moving in a positive direction.

The specifics are that the Monroe County Board of Supervisors voted 3 to 2 in favor of rescinding the Kratom ban, after a passionate delegation of Kratom users and business owners pleaded with the Board of Supervisors to overturn the ban.

This means that the 37,000 people in Monroe County Mississippi can now use Kratom without being treated as criminals, and undoubtedly this will help to curb the opioid pandemic in Monroe County, as well as better the lives of people who are dealing with chronic pain and mental health conditions.

This win is a particularly big deal since Mississippi has been a hotbed for anti-Kratom sentiment. Pontotoc County snuck in a Kratom ban earlier this year, and at least 7 counties in Mississippi have banned Kratom. Also, in late February of this year Mississippi almost banned Kratom, and only the aggressive efforts of the American Kratom Association and the Kratom community prevented a statewide ban.

The defeat of the Mississippi Kratom ban in late February and the reversal of the Monroe County Kratom ban proves that the legality of Kratom can be defended even in regions that have the most anti-Kratom politicians. Essentially no matter how much a politician or regulator is against Kratom, once they hear the real-life stories about how Kratom has saved people’s lives from their own citizens, they are likely to have a change of heart.

On a final note, hopefully the reversal of the Monroe County Kratom ban is the start of a trend, and the Kratom bans can be reversed in other counties in Mississippi, and other states and municipalities across the country as well. Indeed, the reversal of the Monroe County Kratom ban proves that Kratom Warriors are using the right strategy, and now it is just a matter of applying this strategy everywhere in the country.