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Kratom + Turmeric Extract Experience Report

kratom turmeric

Today I will be taking an ‘experimental’ extract from EXP Botanicals, which was obtained from Nu Wave Botanicals. Essentially, this is a beta test where reviews are being collected to see if it is good. The really unique thing about this Kratom extract is it contains Turmeric, so I am really excited to try it.

Turmeric is a popular Kratom potentiator, since Turmeric itself has pain relieving properties. Specifically Turmeric is known to have anti-inflammatory effects due to its primary alkaloid Curcumin. Essentially, the opioid analgesic effects of Kratom combined with the anti-inflammatory effects of Turmeric lead to powerful pain relief, at least in theory.

This extract apparently contains 3% extracted Curcumin, and 15% extracted Kratom alkaloids, which is quite a high concentration relative to other Kratom extracts.  

I have not taken any Kratom in over 48 hours, so I am very ready for a dose, and quite stressed after working for several hours this morning. Also got plenty of my regular aches and pains.

Without further ado, here is the experience report.

12:33 PM I take the two Kratom extract pills with water. I’m really happy to be finally taking my Kratom, so stressed and physically tense from work.

12:43 PM All at once a wave of intense relaxation and calm has hit me, as well as a surge of opioid warmth. I can already tell this is a potent Kratom extract.

1 PM Definitely far more energetic, and far less stressed. Also my aches and pains are noticeably decreasing, approaching full analgesia.

1:13 PM This experience is going to the next level to say the least. Perfect euphoria, a wholesome feeling of contentedness and happiness. Also total analgesia. All aches, pain, and stress is gone. Simultaneously lots of energy, since my fatigue has been eliminated, and zero intoxication despite these powerful effects. This seems to be the perfect extract for working.

I want to make it clear that the pain relieving qualities of this extract are unique and distinctly amazing, as well as the euphoria. It’s better than almost every other extract I’ve tried in terms of the euphoric mental state in produces.

2:04 PM Effects seem to be steadying out. Strong opioid effects, and a perfect mix of energy and relaxation. Best thing about this extract is how effective it is for pain relief. Also, it is really potent but doesn’t cause any sedation, at least so far.

3:27 PM At this point perhaps a bit sedated cause I’ve done so much work, but I’m able to keep going. This Kratom extract has really helped me push through the work day.

Overall, this Kratom extract which contains Turmeric is excellent for pain relief, and also has the right balance of energy, relaxation, and euphoria, making it perfect for work or socializing. Another big plus is that it is extremely easy to take since just a couple of capsules equals a strong dose.