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Mainstream Media Tries To Paint Kratom As Addictive With A Ridiculous Story About A U.S. Customs Officer Who Robbed Travelers To Feed His 'Kratom Addiction'

Even though the mainstream media could be doing a lot of good by broadcasting the benefits of Kratom, and how Kratom has saved countless lives, instead the media continuously chooses the dark side and is broadcasting misinformation about Kratom.

The latest Kratom misinformation from the media is from the New York Daily News, where a story is posted about a U.S. Customs Officer at JFK airport who was robbing travelers in order to fund his ‘Kratom addiction’. Apparently he was caught stealing $100 from someone’s purse, and then admitted to stealing money out of luggage for years. Then apparently the Customs Officer blamed his crime spree on Kratom addiction, saying that he was spending $110 a day on Kratom pills, and needed the Kratom to curb his ‘inner demons’.

Zooming out, it seems this Customs Officer is trying to create a defense via claiming Kratom addiction. Indeed, his lawyer says “Mr. Cialone did what so many desperate drug addicts do to support a habit — he violated everything he believed and stole money”. Basically, the Customs Officer is looking for leniency via claiming to be a victim of drug addiction.

Simultaneously, the Customs Officer is trying to be quite clever by claiming to be addicted to a legal drug, while not admitting to any illegal drug addiction.

First off, there is no proof that this Customs Officer is not addicted to other drugs, and it is quite possible he is saying he used Kratom to avoid the legal ramifications of admitting to illicit drug use.

Further, drug addiction is not an excuse for stealing, and it is his own fault. He can’t blame the drugs, whether it was Kratom or something more sinister like Cocaine/Heroin.

Beyond that, multiple scientific studies have proven that Kratom lacks addiction potential, and countless subjective reports indicate that Kratom has little, if any, physiological addiction. Based on the scientific and subjective evidence, it is just about impossible that anyone would be addicted enough to Kratom to start stealing. It’s equivalent to saying that someone would steal to fund their coffee addiction, it just doesn’t happen.

Zooming out, the New York Daily News should have done some basic research before publishing this story, since this story is clearly the contrived defense argument of a criminal who was caught stealing, and not worth broadcasting. 

That being said, the FDA’s misinformation campaign, which claims Kratom is addictive, is what makes news stories like this possible, since journalists who are doing research will find the FDA’s misinformation on Kratom before finding the actual scientific studies which prove that Kratom lacks addiction risk.

Thus, this is yet another fake news story about Kratom, and unfortunately it seems the mainstream media is only capable of publishing negative things about Kratom. On a final note, all Kratom Warriors need to band together and fight against Kratom misinformation as it happens, in order to protect Kratom’s legality, since the lives of millions of Americans who depend on Kratom as a safe alternative for chronic pain, mental health, and drug addiction issues are at stake.