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Probationers And Parolees Beware: Kratom Can Now Be Detected 3-6 Months After Use By New Hair And Nail Tests

Scientists at United States Drug Testing Laboratory Inc. (USDTL) have created a new Kratom drug test that has a detection time of 3-6 months, and can either use hair or nail samples. This is a massive increase in detection time over urine tests for Kratom, which generally have a detection window of only 2-5 days, and perhaps up to 1-2 weeks at the most if someone is a heavy Kratom user. Further, because this new Kratom drug test uses hair and nails it is impossible to fool, unlike urine tests which are possible to fool via using fake urine.

There apparently is a big demand for Kratom drug testing, which is why these new tests with long detection time have been formulated. The article announcing the new Kratom drug tests states “Assessment centers and drug courts often use hair and nail testing to determine baseline levels of use so they can discuss progress and potential relapses with clients in recovery.”

Basically, the court system is the primary client which is driving demand for Kratom drug testing, since people who are on probation or parole are not allowed to use any drugs or psychoactive substances. Indeed, drinking alcohol is enough of an offense to land a probationer or parolee in jail, and Kratom is likewise against the rules.

Further, there may be a belief that since Kratom is legal, doesn’t cause intoxication, is relatively non-addictive, and is safe, then it is ok to take it during probation or parole. This lulls some people on probation or parole into a false sense of complacency, since they will take Kratom thinking there is no consequences, and if one day the probation officer opts to do a full laboratory drug test, then it results in jail time.

Now the situation is even worse for probationers and parolees, since if they use Kratom just once, then it could be detected in their hair and nails for 3-6 months.

Of course this is an incredibly unfair system, and a system designed to make people fail, but it is important for people on probation or parole to realize that taking Kratom is an extremely risky decision. In some cases the probation officer will never test for Kratom, but if there is any slight indication you have been using Kratom, then they can do a hair/nail test and detect any Kratom use in the past 3-6 months.

Not to mention that probation/parole officers are allowed to perform unannounced home inspections, and if they see a bag of Kratom, or even a spoon with some Kratom on it, they could immediately arrest you.

Basically, the point I am trying to get across is that with the development of the new Kratom hair/nail test which can detect any Kratom use in the past 3-6 months, it is no longer safe under any circumstances to take Kratom if you are on probation or parole. Previously it was perhaps possible to beat the testing if you stop taking Kratom 1-2 weeks before you go in for your appointment (but even that is still risky cause of random testing), but now there is no way to beat the testing if a hair/nail test is performed.

Zooming out, this is an incredibly unfortunate issue, since Kratom is the perfect supplement during probation/parole to keep someone away from using any actual drugs. However, the law is the law even if the law makes no sense, and Kratom is not allowed either.