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Purdue Pharma Is Being Sued By Every State In The Country For $2.15 Trillion For Causing The Opioid Crisis Via Aggressively Spreading Oxycontin, But In The End Purdue Pharma Only Has A Few Billion Dollars Left, And No One Is Going To Prison Despite Causing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Deaths

If there was ever an organization which completely embodies the concept ‘money over lives’, it would be Purdue Pharma, a company which launched the modern opioid crisis with the aggressive marketing of Oxycontin around the turn of the millennium. The Netflix documentary ‘The Pharmacist‘ discusses this situation in-depth. Basically, Purdue Pharma claimed that Oxycontin was completely safe and a miracle cure for chronic pain, when in-fact Purdue Pharma knew that Oxycontin was extremely addictive and deadly, and they were just covering up the real science with a plethora of studies that they paid for. Purdue Pharma then proceeded to use boiler room sales tactics to get Oxycontin into every doctor’s office and hospital in the country.

This eventually resulted in the rise of pill mills, where Americans hooked on opioids would receive tremendous amounts of pills from crooked doctors. Then once the pill mills shutdown these Americans mostly jumped onto Heroin, creating the current Heroin crisis, although the opioid pill trade continues to this day too. Indeed, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found that 80% of Americans who are addicted to Heroin were previously taking prescription opioids, and most of that ties back to the proliferation of Oxycontin.

The end result is that over 50,000 Americans are dying from opioids every year, and this number is ever increasing, in addition to untold numbers of families and lives being destroyed, as well as severe economic damage. And it all can be linked back to Purdue Pharma’s misdeeds.

Believe it or not, the people at Purdue Pharma who are responsible for this situation have not yet gone to prison despite being complicit in mass murder, and in-fact none of them are even in criminal court.

The only major legal action at this time against Purdue Pharma is every state in the country is suing them for a collective $2.15 trillion, which is $2,150 billion. This number is perhaps approximately how much damage Purdue Pharma caused to the country, but even this is an underestimate since no amount of money can make up for the lives that were lost and destroyed.

Unfortunately, Purdue Pharma saw this lawsuit coming from miles away, and the Sackler Family, which is the family which owns Purdue Pharma, laundered most of the money out of the company.

Now that Purdue Pharma’s coffers have been almost completely drained, if the company was completely liquidated it would only generate $2 billion. On top of this, the Sackler Family is offering to throw in $3 billion and their equity, which is quite a measly offer since the equity is useless now that Purdue Pharma is bankrupt, and the Sackler Family would still have billions of dollars of blood money in their personal savings.

On top of that, Purdue Pharma is offering to give billions of dollars of ‘opioid treatment drugs’, like Methadone and Buprenorphine, which are just as addictive and dangerous as Oxycontin and only fan the flames of the Opioid Pandemic.

Literally, even in Purdue Pharma’s dying breaths, they want to unleash one final wave of addictive opioids upon the country, under the guise that their pills can be used as opioid treatment.

Thus, Purdue Pharma is only going to pay about $5 billion, despite causing trillions of dollars of damages and being complicit with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and it doesn’t seem that anyone is going to prison for these crimes either.

Ultimately, there could be no better example than this of how broken the justice system is. The people responsible for the modern day opioid crisis are going to walk away with billions of dollars of savings and no criminal charges. Essentially, Purdue Pharma is proof that corporations can choose money over lives on a mass scale, and then the justice system will protect them, since they have tons of money for lawyers, no matter how many deaths they cause.