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Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty To Criminal Charges, But Will Only Pay $8 Billion Of Fines And No One Is Going To Prison Despite Starting An Opioid Epidemic Which Has Killed Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans

In 1999 Purdue Pharma essentially started the modern day Opioid Epidemic in America via creating Oxycontin, and then aggressively distributing Oxycontin while simultaneously claiming that it was safe and non-addictive. Ultimately untold millions of Americans got addicted, and hundreds of thousands of Americans died, and the opioid problem that was started by Oxycontin is getting worse to this day.

Notably, the entire saga of how Purdue Pharma started the modern day Opioid Epidemic can be watched in the Netflix documentary ‘The Pharmacist‘.

Due to the immense devastation that Purdue Pharma’s actions caused, every state in the country sued Purdue Pharma for a collective $2.15 trillion. Indeed, this is roughly the true amount of monetary damage that Oxycontin has caused to America.

However, the case against Purdue Pharma has finally been settled according to the Department of Justice, and in the end Purdue Pharma will only be paying $8 billion of fines, while the Sackler Family, which is the family that owns Purdue Pharma, only paying $225 million of fines.

This is only a small fraction of the profits that Purdue Pharma and the Sackler Family made from Oxycontin, so in the end the people behind Oxycontin are walking away from this with tons of money.

Even worse, despite the fact that Purdue Pharma is pleading guilty to criminal charges related to fraud and violations of federal drug laws, no one is going to prison.

Literally, even though Purdue Pharma’s actions led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, and an opioid crisis which continues to this day and is killing over 50,000 Americans per year, the people responsible are not going to spend a minute behind bars, and they get to keep a lot of the blood money that they got from maliciously pushing Oxycontin upon America.

Ultimately, the only thing today’s Purdue Pharma settlement really proves is that Big Pharma can get away with killing hundreds of thousands of Americans and still walk away with billions of dollars of profits. In other words, this situation proves that the justice system in this country is broken when it comes to Big Pharma. 

On a final note, even though the brand Oxycontin will cease to exist now that Purdue Pharma is closing down, Oxycodone is still being prescribed nationwide. So not only did Purdue Pharma get away with starting the modern day opioid epidemic, but also the root of the problem, which is Oxycodone, remains available nationwide, so in the end the justice system fixed nothing about this situation.