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Real-Life Kratom Stories Episode 1: Kendall Clark Defeated Tramadol Addiction And Chronic Pain With Kratom

This is the first episode of Real-Life Kratom Stories presented by The Kratom Herald. As discussed in a previous article, The Kratom Herald is collecting stories from Kratom users about how Kratom benefited, if not saved, their life, since there is nothing more powerful than real-life stories to illustrate just how miraculous Kratom is, and how important it is to keep Kratom legal.

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The real-life story can be listened to in the above podcast, and also there is an article which summarizes the story below.

For this first episode I interviewed Kendall Clark, who started Kratom in October 2019 and quickly became an avid Kratom advocate.

Kendall was diagnosed with Scoliosis, which is a painful spinal condition, and the doctor offered Tramadol, an addictive and dangerous synthetic opioid. Right off the bat, it is shocking to note that the doctor did not warn Kendall about the addictiveness of Tramadol.

Kendall started with just two 50 mg tablets of Tramadol per day, and the dose required for pain relief quickly escalated. Indeed, synthetic opioids and opiates have a rapidly building tolerance, and require higher and higher doses to get any pain relief benefits.

Like many other prescription pain pill users, Kendall had to take more than prescribed to get relief from the pain, and ran out in just a week. The doctor judged Kendall unfavorably but raised the dose. However, after a few more times of raising the dose, the doctor cut Kendall off, and Kendall was forced to use an ‘online pharmacy’ to obtain Tramadol.

Indeed, this is one of the terrible aspects of pain management in the medical industry. Doctors often don’t prescribe enough painkillers to actually relieve the pain, causing a lot of suffering and stress for the patient since their whole life begins to revolve around rationing pills, and simultaneously doctors treat pain patients as addicts and cut them off, giving patients no choice but to break the law to get the medication they need.

Zooming out, this doctor literally did not warn Kendall about the dangers of synthetic opioids, and then treated Kendall very poorly once addiction set in. This entire situation is absurd and evil, and unfortunately this scenario is common.

The doses of Tramadol escalated from 50 mg of Tramadol at a time to 200 mg of Tramadol at a time, and it became a serious financial strain, costing many hundreds of dollars per month. Further, Kendall ran out of Tramadol every few weeks, leading to a withdrawal hell for days until the new shipment of pills arrived.

Notably, Kendall’s tolerance skyrocketed, and the Tramadol was not even effective for pain relief anymore. The only thing the Tramadol accomplished was preventing withdrawals.

The Tramadol addiction escalated into a near-death experience, where Kendall had a seizure, completely blacked out, and woke up in an ambulance. Indeed, Tramadol has a serious seizure risk, since it has powerful effects on Serotonin, like an anti-depressant, and as doses escalate a user can reach the seizure threshold.

After this incident, Kendall’s mom researched alternatives, and suggested that Kendall tried Kratom. Miraculously Kendall was able to transition to Kratom without any withdrawals, proving Kratom’s efficacy for defeating opioid addiction.

Further, the Kratom relieved Kendall’s Scoliosis pain far better than Tramadol ever did, which is a common theme in stories where chronic pain patients take Kratom. Literally, not only is Kratom far safer than synthetic opioids, it is more effective for chronic pain.

Also notably, unlike the slavery of using Tramadol, where doctors were controlling Kendall’s life and Kendall was constantly in fear of running out, Kratom is abundantly available and much cheaper, so Kendall is able to take Kratom whenever they need.

Thus, Kratom literally saved Kendall’s life, after Kendall nearly died from Tramadol addiction. Now Kendall is living addiction free and pain free.

Stay tuned to The Kratom Herald for more real-life stories about how Kratom saves lives!