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Real-Life Kratom Stories Episode 2: Misty Brown Defeated Chronic Pain From Degenerative Disc Disease, As Well As Opioid And Polydrug Addiction, Thanks To Kratom

This is the 2nd episode of Real-Life Kratom Stories presented by The Kratom Herald. As discussed in a previous article, The Kratom Herald is collecting stories from Kratom users about how Kratom benefited, if not saved, their life, since there is nothing more powerful than real-life stories to illustrate just how miraculous Kratom is, and how important it is to keep Kratom legal.

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The real-life story can be listened to in the above podcast, and also there is an article which summarizes the story below.

In this episode I interviewed Misty Brown, who was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and epilepsy in 2008, leading to an escalating prescription pill addiction. It got to the point where Misty’s 30 day supply of Oxycodone, Soma, and Klonipins would run out in just 2 weeks, leading to a constant rollercoaster of withdrawal hell. Further, the Benzodiazepines caused dangerous multi-day blackouts.

After 11 years the pain management clinic banned Misty in April 2019. Literally, the pain management clinic got Misty addicted to opioids, and then they abruptly stopped giving her pills, throwing her life into turmoil.

Misty resorted to using Cocaine, and almost instantly developed a serious addiction, in addition to having thoughts about IVing Heroin. After 6 weeks of Cocaine use, Misty was ready to make more doctors appointments to get back on synthetic opioid pills, but then a miracle happened.

Instead of calling up doctors, Misty turned on Netflix, and found the documentary ‘A Leaf of Faith‘, which is an excellent documentary which covers many real-life stories about how Kratom has saved lives.

The next day Misty purchased Kratom from a smoke shop, and from that day, June 25 2019, Misty has been completely sober with zero relapses. Misty says that the remarkable thing that she noticed after her first dose is that she wasn’t plotting and planning to find pills or cocaine, whereas before that routine controlled her life. Further, Misty reports that there were zero withdrawals when she switched from drugs to Kratom.

Clearly Kratom saved Misty’s life, and effectively ended her opioid addiction, cocaine addiction, benzodiazepine addiction, as well as eliminated her chronic pain from degenerative disc disease. Like other chronic pain patients who switched to Kratom, Misty reports that the Kratom works far better for the pain than the pills ever did.

Now Misty is an avid Kratom advocate and runs a Kratom group called T-SOL AdvoKacy, where she regularly posts information about how Kratom saves lives.