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Real-Life Stories About How Kratom Has Benefited, If Not Saved, The Lives Of Americans With Serious Mental Health Conditions Including Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, & PTSD

kratom for depression

A previous article on The Kratom Herald discusses a peer reviewed scientific study which empirically proves that Kratom is an effective antidepressant. Another article on The Kratom Herald discusses the real-life story about how Kratom saved me from mental health issues and actually worked much better than psych meds, and based on that I speculate that Americans would benefit greatly if they were given Kratom instead of psych meds, especially since psych meds are often ineffective and commonly have life-destroying side effects.

The ultimate proof that Kratom can be effective for managing mental health conditions are the real-life stories in this article, which not only show that Kratom can be useful for managing depression, anxiety, bipolar, and PTSD, but also corroborate the theory that Kratom works better than prescription psych meds in many cases. 

Based on this evidence, and how bad and ineffective the mental health system in America currently is, certainly the logical governmental decision would be to quickly launch a human trial to officially confirm Kratom’s efficacy for treating mental health. That being said, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would never allow that, since it would take billions of dollars out of Big Pharma’s pockets. Therefore, this is just another situation where money is being chosen over lives. However, knowledge is power, and if you do the good deed of spreading the information in this article to someone who has mental health issues, it could benefit, if not save, their life.

Kratom Effectively Manages Depression And PTSD

“I use kratom every day to manage my depression and my pain, as well as my PTSD symptoms. Before discovering it, I was a wreck, I couldn’t get out of bed, life was hopeless. I’ve been using kra tom for two or three years and I feel my life is worth living! PLEASE hear the cries of the folks who would not only be at a disadvantage with kratom becoming illegal, but might even die in some extreme cases! Please read the science! It’s miraculous how much more I can actively be a part of my life. My career has taken off, and I’m being with and appreciating my family. Kratom has saved my life.”

Psych Meds Robbed Him Of His Personality, Kratom Gave Him His Life Back

“I as a citizen of the United States demand a sovereign right over my consciousness and demand that the FDA end it’s propaganda campaign against kratom. I’ve taken kratom for 8 years. I got off of psych meds that robbed me of my personality and caused me horrible side effects that lasted for years. I am in great health now, my heart, liver, and kidneys are great and have suffered no other health issues in an 8 year period. I also have a successful career and raise a child. Seeking to incriminate people who are living a better quality life using kratom should within itself be considered criminal. The health care system and big pharma have overwhelmingly failed mental health patients and those who need pain management. The evidence of kratom’s benefits amongst it’s users is almost universal. We know how much it’s improved our lives. The FDA has spread lies and disinformation about kratom. They have deliberately demonized kratom from the beginning when there is no actual proof that kratom on it’s own has killed anyone. All the while alcohol is legal which is without a doubt one of the most dangerous, addictive, and useless drugs known to man that kills millions. For the FDA this is about money, not concern for the health and safety of the public. They wish to demonize kratom just as they have marijuana and claim it has no medical benefit which is 100% unequivocally false. To say otherwise in the face of those who have successfully gotten off of pharmaceuticals and live a better quality of life because of kratom is disgusting and should not be tolerated in a free society. We as a people cannot be lied to and manipulated by the media and those corrupted in power much longer. In the information age anyone who has a brain can figure out that they are being lied to by the FDA and big pharma for themselves. The age where evil billionaires who seek to line their pockets to absurd proportions by rob-bing people of their freedom and causing them to suffer and even die has to stop.”

Kratom Is The Only Thing That Works

“I use Kratom daily for anxiety and insomnia. I have tried everything else and Kratom is the only thing that works works better then cbd or cannabis for me.”

Effexor Led To Terrible Side Effects, But Kratom Worked

“I was suffering from anxiety and depression and was prescribed Effexor. I had terrible side effects and scoured the internet for natural alternatives. Kratom was the answer and I have been able to live a normal life.”

Kratom Effectively Manages Manic Depression

“Kratom absolutely saved my life. I’ve suffered from treatment resistant Manic Depression for 20 years. I’m a mother of 2 toddlers, and babies deserve a happy mama. This amazing plants helps me see the sunshine like I’ve been in darkness my whole life. And I truly was. Now I am able to wake before my babies each morning, fix my tea (kratom/water/ lemon) and am able to face the day with vigor. I no longer need to take pain medication either as this amazing leaf helps my rheumatoid arthritis. This plant is a Godsend and the people deserve to have the right to treat themselves in a naturalist way, in lieu of prescription drugs. Thank you and God bless.”

Countless Different Psych Meds Didn’t Work, But Kratom Did

“Kratom has saved me in many ways, I no longer rely on pharmaceuticals to live a normal day to day life. I’ve been on countless medications throughout the years for depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD & nothing ever was truly helping. It was just one medication after the next.. When I found kratom, it truly made a difference in my life. I’m happy, productive, no paranoia, I can sleep at night, & overall I’m changed for the better. I don’t suffer any side effects from taking it either, as to where if I suddenly stopped the pharmaceutical medication I was on, I’d suffer. There are so many others out there like myself that have suffered in many ways & nothing helped until they found this miracle of an alternative. Please think about the countless people that have been saved & they’re living now because of kratom! Taking this away, banning it, could be devastating to people like myself whose lives have truly been changed for the greater good. Kratom has been the only thing that’s helped me, not pharmaceutical medications. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”

Kratom Effectively Manages Panic Disorder, PTSD, And Depression

“Kratom is a miracle plant which has literally saved my life and given me the ability to live my life daily free of pain and depression with out needing to use any other medication. Before taking Kratom I relied on prescription medications to function which caused me a slew of horrific side effects restricting my ability to live a free and happy life. Now being off of these medications and taking Kratom to help with chronic pain, depression, PTSD, and Panic Disorder I live a happy and healthy life free of side effects. Kratom has never caused me any issues or negative side effects whatsoever. It is a non addictive plant and I relate it to drinking a morning cup of coffee. Keep this plant safe and legal for all free Americans.”

Mental Health Issues Led To Addiction, And Kratom Saved His Life

“I am writing this little letter to inform that Kratom needs to be kept legal. Kratom is a wonderful natural plant that grows on this green earth. Kratom has saved my life dramatically! Ever since I was born I’ve had horrible restless leg syndrome, anxiety, and depression. I started smoking marijuana when I was younger to ease the pain of all of my problems. Then when I got older I got in trouble for marijuana. So I had to stop consuming marijuana because of court systems. Then that ultimately led to me using prescription pain killers to ease me of my burdens. Before you knew it I was addicted to pain pills. I was taking pain pills for years and then one day I realized that it was doing nothing but causing more harm then good so I quit cold turkey. It was a good thought but did horrible damage for my body. My symptoms of everything started coming back. I couldn’t sleep for 2 weeks due to RLS. I was withdrawing horribly until a friend let me try to some Kratom. As soon as I tried some Kratom all my withdrawal symptoms vanished. I was able to sleep AGAIN. WHICH IN turn have me the courage and ability to go get a job to support my family. I have been consuming Kratom for about a year now and I feel the best I have ever felt in my whole life. All of my RLS problems, depression, and anxiety are completely gone. It’s a plant, keep it legal. They are legalizing marijuana all over the place and it has more psychoactive effects then Kratom does. You cannot get high off Kratom. It just helps get rid of whatever pains and problems someone has. The only reason Kratom has to fight for survival is because the FDA and big pharmaceutical companies are money hungry people. They do not care about the well being of people They would prefer people to get addicted to their drugs so they can make money off of us. The more people who are sick or have problems the more money they make. They do not want any natural remedies to be legal because they will not make money. Please keep Kratom legal. It has saved my life and many others.”

Psych Meds For Bipolar Disorder Ruined Her Life, Kratom Then Saved Her Life

“I use kratom to treat my type 1 bipolar disorder and it works really well. I have tried countless pills and nothing has worked as well as kratom. Before kratom I couldn’t work or do anything because the psych meds made me too messed up. Now I have a job and a completely new life because of this MEDICINE. It gave me my life back and I would hate to go back to pills.”

Kratom Completely Eliminated Severe Depression

“I have been diagnosed with severe depression. After many years of being prescribed numerous medications and vitamins and changing my diet, nothing had been working. My depression got to the point where I could not have a job, or enjoy life with my husband and two beautiful children. My mother-in-law had been doing a ton of research to see if she could find something to help me. And finally she told me that people have had luck with kratom. So, I decided to try it. AND IT WORKS. It makes me feel like myself again. I have been using it for almost a year, and I have never been happier. I have a full time job and I’m going to college for nursing! I can’t be more thankful for kratom as it truly changed my life.”

Kratom Effectively Stabilizes Mood And Keeps Away Negative Thoughts

“Kratom has done so much for my anxiety and overall mood. I battle depression and a negative mindset constantly, and the product has done wonders in managing that and keeping me stable. I feel like I am overall happier and more balanced with less anxiety. The anxiety I do experience is much more manageable, and the best part is I have found all of this without having to take prescription medication.”

Nothing Worked Besides Kratom

“Having tried numerous medications for my mental illness, I can tell you nothing has ever helped as much or as consistently as kratom. My life wouldn’t be the same without it.:

Kratom Effectively Managed Anxiety After Psych Ward

“After being put in a psychiatric ward, the “doctors” forced me to take synthetic antidepressents and mood changers. I hated that they forced this on me and decided to stop taking them. However, I still needed something to calm my anxiety. When I found kratom, it relieved my anxiety in a more healthy feeling and predictable way not to mention it took away my back pain. Making kratom illegal will only persecute a population that has done no harm to society.”

Kratom Saved My Life From Anxiety And Depression

“I tried Kratom when I realized the massive weight on my shoulders. Unfortunately, it wasn’t pounds from lifting weights. It was from the anxiety & depression of being a married man raising two amazing daughters while commuting to & from work five days a week. Also, add paying bills while taxes continue to increase year over year. All this was so much I took a dive into Kratom. Long story short, Kratom has flipped my life to a joyful, energized, happy life along with managing anxiety & depression naturally. I’ll 100 percent of the time say, Kratom saved me from the darkness I was heading. Without Kratom, I don’t know where I’d be today and hope to never have to find out what that path is like. Thanks Kratom and spread the word.”

Couldn’t Function On Psych Meds, And Kratom Gave His Life Back

“I suffer from acute anxiety and depression. The pharmaceutical drugs I was given caused me not to be able to work and function in life. But without them I could not function either. With Kratom I am off of all of the pharmaceutical medications, have a great career and a Wonderful Life. I truly believe Kratom saved my life. The only reason why the government wants to make Kratom illegal is be-ause it stands to take profit from the monster that is the pharmaceutical corporations.”