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Real-Life Stories About How Kratom Has Saved The Lives Of People With Severe Synthetic Opioid And Opiate Addictions

This article contains a collection of real-life stories about how Kratom has helped people to overcome synthetic opioid and opiate addiction, and in most of these stories Kratom literally saved these people’s lives. 

There is perhaps a common misperception that Kratom can’t really help someone who is hooked on the strongest opioids like Heroin or Oxycodone, but the below real-life stories prove otherwise. These real-life stories show that no matter how bad a synthetic opioid and opiate addiction is, it is still possible to overcome the addiction with the help of Kratom.

Kratom Saved This Man From Heroin, Homelessness, And Jail

“Kratom helped me overcome a heroin addiction, homelessness, and jail. I am now attending school full time, work, and have reconciled with my family. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without this simple plant, taking it away would be a disservice to our rights and our country. Please consider how many people this plant has helped.”

Rehab, NA, And Methadone/Suboxone Didn’t Work, But Kratom Did

“I was prescribed Vicodin’s at the age of 14 and like so many others I became addicted. My addiction completely consumed my life for many years, close to 20 years. Over the years it escalated to OxyContin, and eventually to heroin. Over the years I tried everything, rehab, NA, methadone, suboxone, etc etc. And then one night I read of this all natural, organic leaf called kratom and after plenty of research I decided to give it a try. It worked! I’ve been clean/sober for years now, I’m the family man I always knew I could be, my work ethic is amazing, and I’m a productive member of so- ciety. Kratom has saved my life as well as thousands of others with all types of ailments. Please don’t take away this miracle plant. 100% organic kratom has NEVER hurt anyone, for the sake of public health, keep it legal! We the people beg of you!”

Recovered From A 10 Year Heroin Addiction

“This plant has saved my life. Thanks to this plant I have recovered from a 10 year heroin addiction. I’m an coming up on 2 years clean this April 20th. This is the longest I’ve ever stayed clean in the past 10 years. It has helped me gain control of my life back. This plant is harmless. It is not addictive. I only use it on occasion but when I do it helps in the most profound ways. If this plant is made illegal it will cause more harm than good. Please don’t let that happen.”

Kratom Saved His Life, Job, And Marriage After Methadone/Suboxone Didn’t Work

“I became addicted to pain pills from an overprescribing dentist years ago. Continued taking them for years and decided to stop. Ended up going to a methadone clinic, which only got me more addicted and was very expensive. I tried to quit cold turkey and almost died from withdrawals. So I started going to a suboxone clinic and NA meetings but my insurance company quit paying for the suboxone and at 600 bucks a month plus 150 a month doctor visit, I was better off financially when I was getting opiates illegally, and the groups was mainly just alcoholic people looking to hook up with each other. A friend introduced me to kratom and I’ve never looked back. I spend only a fraction of what I was spending before on opiates from the street. An even smaller percentage than the methadone or suboxone clinics. Kratom has saved my life, job and marriage.”

Kratom Ended An 8 Year OxyContin Addiction

“Kratom is a life saver for me. Helped me with withdrawals from an 8 year use of prescribed OxyContin. I currently depend on kratom daily to address extreme pain issues due to arthritis. Kratom helped change my life from dependence on detrimental opioid use to a SAFE use of kratom for pain. Please make every effort to insure the continued legal availability of this wonderful natural plant!”

Kratom Ended A 30 Year Opiate Addiction

“Kratom helped me quit a 30 year opiate addiction. It has pain killing properties, and it also has helped my mental health immensely.”

Kratom Prevented A Relapse

“I have been in remission from heroin/pain pills for 5 years and 9 month. Two and a half years ago I started having really bad pain in my neck, shoulders and arms. I knew how dangerous it would be to turn to pain meds again and once the tylenol and ibuprofen stopped working, and the pain got worse. I started researching natural pain remedies. I tried a bunch before I found Kratom. and now I am able to work and have some quality of my life back. Please protect kratom for people like me and the million of others who need it.”

Kratom Ended A Heavy 5 Year Oxy Addiction

“26 surgeries so far. 12-16 on my feet, knee replacement, shoulders, on and on. I was taking well over 200 mg oxycodone daily. That was my prescription for over 5 years. They didn’t work for pain at all. They just stopped me from going through withdrawals. I decided to take myself off, so I changed my doctor as he was still pushing the oxy, and found Kratom. It made quitting oxy very bearable. Needless to say, I’ve been off oxy for years now and the only pain relief I use is Kratom. Honestly, it saved my life. If it can help me when I was taking that much, think of how many people with opioid problems Kratom could help! I don’t care about big pharma or the politicians that are getting rich from poisoning the people for profit. Leave Kratom alone.”

Kratom Freed Him From Suboxone

“Kratom saved me from a life of addiction. I was so sick, I couldn’t get off Suboxone. I prayed and prayed for something natural and kratom was my answer. It was still difficult as Suboxone is extremely powerful, but I got clean. It was an answer from God. I am on a beautiful road of recovery and other people deserve to recover from addiction. Please do not take away something given to us from the Lord. It saves lives!”

Kratom Saved Him From A Decade Of Heroin And Polydrug Addiction

“Hello My name is Jamie and I’m a person who is in long term recovery. What that means to me is that I have not found it necessary to use any illegal drugs or alcohol since June 20 2017. My journey through recovery has been a blessing and a hope shot to many others. Part of my foundation in which I treat my recovery each and every single day is through the wonderful leaf of kratom. In high school I was a well rounded athlete. I played mainly football and baseball. and I sustained an injury to my shoulder. I was then prescribed pain pills to help deal with the chronic pain. My use of these pills eventually lead me to the dark world in which heroin was involved. Ten years of my life were hard and very intoxicating. Kratom changed all that. And I believe it has helped millions of people battle this hard disease of addiction. I just ask to please keep an open mind and realize this wonderful leaf is helping many people like myself live a healthy and manhandle life. Today I have a full time job, I pay my bills and I have a relationship with a God of my understanding. Everyone has their story and their own journey. I just know kratom has been a big contributing factor to the man I am today. Thank you for letting me share my testimony.”

Pain Medication Led To Addiction, Which Led To Suboxone, And Kratom Ended The Addiction

“I was on pain medication from 2008- 2011. I then was put on Suboxone for the withdrawals. I was taking it for another 2.5 years and was starting to feel sick and gross all the time. I tapered off myself and when I took my last dose I googled “Natural Remedies for Opiates” and learned about Kratom. Since I started it I got my life back. I feel better, don’t take any medication at all and barely get sick. I now have a stable job, my car is almost paid off and we now own a house. These are things I couldn’t do while on opiates, as all I could do was think about running out… my life is great.”

Clean For 3 Years Thanks To Kratom

“I’m a recovering meth and heroin addict and I was going to the methadone clinic. I take kratom and it helps me not go back to that life. October 6th made 3 years I have been clean and I don’t think I would have made it this long without kratom. Since I’ve been taking kratom my career has flourished and I’ve held my position for 3 years as of February 16th. The benefits of taking kratom for me I believe have helped save my life, I don’t know if I could have done it without it.”

Kratom Saved His Life From A 5 Year Heroin Addiction

“I was in a car accident when I was 18 and was prescribed norco. Eventually I was on norco AND methadone. A few years later I started buying oxycontin offthe street because my prescribed pills weren’t enough. When oxycontin’s formula changed I was forced to go to heroin out of desperation. I was a heroin addict for 5 years and kratom saved my life. I can now live a functional and happy life. Please keep it legal, it truly is a lifesaver.”