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Real-Life Stories Show That Kratom Can Effectively Manage The Pain From Serious Conditions Including Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, CRPS, Chronic Pelvic Pain, Osteoarthritis, Arachnoiditis, Nerve Pain, Serious Injuries, Cancer, & Auto Immune Diseases

It is well-known that Kratom can provide pain relief via its opioid effects. However, I have often seen skepticism on the internet regarding if Kratom can relieve chronic pain from serious conditions and diseases. Indeed, I’ve seen people say that Kratom is weak relative to synthetic opioids and opiates, and that it cannot be used for real chronic pain.

In this article is a collection of real-life stories that were collected over this past month, and they show that Kratom can relieve chronic pain from even the most serious conditions, including fibromyalgia, chronic pelvic pain, CRPS, rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain, serious injuries, cancer, auto immune diseases, arachnoiditis, and osteoarthritis. 

As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, and these stories show that Kratom can provide at least as much pain relief as prescription opioids even for people with serious chronic pain. In-fact, in some of these stories the prescription opioids did not provide enough pain relief, but Kratom did.

Kratom Effectively Managed Chronic Pelvic Pain, When Rx Meds And Surgeries Didn’t Work

I have chronic pelvic pain. I have chronic back pain and body joint pains since I was 3. I have tried countless doctors and many surgeries since the age of 2. Nothing was helping to control my pain. About 3 years ago I started having to see my doctors more and more due to pain. I started having to go to ER’s for pain control. I couldn’t move nor eat anymore. I started looking for more of a natural way to help my pain. I asked a friend and she said try looking Kratom up. She said she started taking it for chronic pelvic pains and it worked. She sent me samples and from then I was changged, changed in a way of not needing a doctor to help my pains. It’s such an amazing thing to have something simple as a leaf to help control all my chronic pains. Its been almost 3 years since I have walked into a doctors office or ER for pain control. I have my life back and now I am working a full time job to support my daughter instead of being bed bound daily. Please keep this leaf legal!

Kratom Effectively Managed Nerve Pain From A Broken Back

I broke my back my Senior year of High school getting in shape to join the Marine Corps. I ruptured my L5-S1 in my lower back and had to have a steroid injection that made it worse before having surgery at 19 years old. I was fed painkillers ranging from Tramadol to OxyContin and lost strength in my leg. After the first surgery I had terrible nerve pain in my foot and still do to this day. My girlfriend broke up with me, I couldn’t join the Marine Corps, my mother had cancer and I didn’t know what to do. I started school and was walking back to my car one day after class when I took a step off a curb and dropped. I re-ruptured the same disc in my back further adding to the many problems going on at the time. At this point I was getting 80 vicodin and 80 tramadol a month, 19 years old. I was hooked, I lost friends from being anti social, my family didn’t recognize me anymore. I fell in love with another woman and for 2 years I thought she loved me too until one day she upped and left for another guy, moved in the same day. This was the last straw. Through all the anger and pain I decided to get clean and better myself but I was still in agonizing nerve pain until one day I met someone who is now my best friend and introduced me to Kratom. The first time I took Kratom I could feel no pain or anxiety while still feeling alive inside. I started seeing my friends and family more and repaired the relationships. I got a job I could work because I wasn’t in bed knocked out from prescription painkillers. It helped my mother deal with her cancer and the depression that came with it. The simple fact is Kratom is a miracle drug! The FDA wants it banned so they can further push prescription drugs on people to line their pockets. They know Kratom is a threat to their income and are spreading false information just like they did with marijuana years ago, even though it is scientifically proven to help people in numerous ways. I’m not normally one to spread hate or negativity about anything but I seriously don’t how some of these people trying to ban Kratom can sleep at night. I guess they’ve never experienced a struggle like mine or millions of other people that use natural remedies to help physical and mental health.

Kratom Relieved The Pain From Fibromyalgia When No Other Medicine Worked

Please do not ban our plant. This plant has helped me in many ways. I have fibromyalgia, pinched nerve in neck and back, migraines, rls, carpal tunnel in both hands and plantar fasciitis in both feet. I went from no energy to some,  pain to almost none, and no job for more than 15 years to having a job for ten. Without this plant I will not be able to work. Was on so many prescriptions for different things and no pill works for fibromyalgia tried them all. Two of the pills they gave me I had to ween off of and gave me brain zaps and made me sick. Now this plant has helped me get off all meds and I have some pain but I am able to work. So please take all this in mind I am not the only one that this plant has helped.

Kratom Effectively Managed The Pain After Brain Cancer

After having brain cancer I was prescribed tramadol. After awhile, My dr was scared to give me a prescription to any sort of pain killer. I still have severe neck and lower back pain. The Tylenol I was told to take was not helping at all. I finally found kratom. The kratom has been a God send for me. I can actually function as a normal human being. I’ve been taking it for a few years now. Kratom is in no way a “drug”. Marijuana is far worse for many of us. Tax it, regulate it, whatever. But please do not ban it outright. Many cancer survivors are relying on this plant.

Kratom Relieved The Pain From Auto Immune Diseases

I have been suffering from auto immune disease that causes widespread pain and inflammation. I wouldn’t be able to continue to do my job if it were not for Kratom. It’s very mild and safe plant medicine that I am able to use instead of hardcore narcotics which I refuse. It has truly been my saving grace and I will be quite screwed without it. The FDA is a joke and everyone knows it. They have big pharma in their ranks and pockets. The only reason for them to make kratom illegal is to increase profits for narcotics producers. THATS IT! I won’t stand for it.

Kratom Relieved The Pain From A Broken Skull, No Other Medicines Worked

I got in an accident and broke my skull. I’ve had headaches everyday since then. I used to be on a slew of other pills. None of which worked. I now take kratom daily and it completely eradicated all of my pain with zero side effects.

Kratom Effectively Managed The Chronic Pain After A Serious Car Accident

I was in a major car accident 15 years ago and it practically destroyed my back. I was on heavy pharmaceuticals for many years because of it. One day, my doctor died and I did not have insurance and could not find another doctor that would take me as a patient without insurance. That was when I discovered kratom. Since then, I feel more energetic, I am able to play with my kids again, and I do not fell the need to take any more narcotics to alleviate my consistent pain. Kratom has changed my life for the better! It is so important to me that I have something that helps with my pain so that I can raise my kids.

Kratom Effectively Managed The Pain From Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Diagnosed with CRPS at the end of 2019. Pain had been unbearable, I hate pain killers. They make me sick and make my personality bad anger wise. I found kratom a couple months after being diagnosed and it has been a life saver. I can sleep, I can get around the house more, I can do so much more than I used to. My pain is being managed for the most part. My flare ups are even more under control than they were before I started kratom. It almost seems like the kratom keeps them at bay. Without kratom I would be in a lot worse shape than I am now, especially because I have a newborn and with this disease it makes it very hard at times to do what I need.

Kratom Managed The Pain From Arachnoiditis Better Than Morphine

I have Arachnoiditis. I had been using Morphine for about 10 years. I hated the side effects. January of this year I started using Kratom. Now I sleep much better and have much less pain. I wish Doctors could prescribe it. 

Kratom Relieved The Pain From Osteoarthritis When No Other Medicines Worked

I’ve used kratom for pain management for over a year. it has changed my life. I’m intolerant to traditional pain medication and needed a way to be able to still work, not to mention I’ve seen the downside of friends becoming addicted to pills, and a few funerals. Figured there has to be a better way! Well we found it. I have osteoarthritis and I’m not even 50. I’m a skilled chef that enjoys working. Did not just want to give up and rely on disability. I want to work and be a productive member of society, paying and earning my own way. If kratom laws change in my state, you are taking that choice away from me. and many others. I also have seen people come off of pills and suboxone and such with kratom, and now live addiction free. This should be praised as a miracle and tested as such. Please help keep this wonderful plant legal. I cant work on weed, and well it just dumbs me down, and I cant take pills. Please don’t make this choice for us.

Kratom Relieved The Pain From Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have rheumatoid arthritis and after a surgery on my wrists became addicted to narcotics. This went on for 3 years until I discovered kratom, I started taking it and it relieved both my pain and withdrawal symptoms from the medications. I stopped taking all pain medications as with the kratom they were unnecessary. The inflammation seemed to almost disappear, I found myself capable of functioning normally and working and raising my family again, my depression diminished and after about a year of only taking kratom I found I could easily reduce the amount I took and not “need” it except for when my arthritis was especially bad. It saved my life, I can’t imagine where I would’ve ended up if I had gone down the spiral of addiction to pain medication. Now, despite my arthritis, I’m able to continue working on my education (I’m working towards a nursing degree) hold down a full time job working in a nursing home, and actively raise my children and engage with my community. The pain from arthritis can be debilitating and I’m regularly concerned about the prospect of not being able to take kratom when it gets to be too much. It’s never put me in a state of altered consciousness, or knocked me out, or turned me into a different person and pain medication did all those things. I don’t want to think about going down that route again, and I’m sure my story is very similar to thousands of people. I’ve never heard of anyone taking it to get “high”, because it just doesn’t do that. It helps. It helped me put my life back together after starting down what would’ve been a very dark path and I am constantly grateful to continue to have access to it.