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Red Maeng Da Kratom Experience Report

Red Maeng Da Kratom

In this article I will describe the minute by minute experience when taking Red Maeng Da Kratom from Experience Botanicals, which I obtained from Nu Wave Botanicals.

First off, Maeng Da translates to ‘pimp’, meaning this Kratom is extra strength and high in alkaloids. Also, it is Red vein which means it is generally more pain relieving and sedating than other strains.

I opened the Kratom up, and it smells extremely fresh. As can be seen in the picture below it has a rich dark red color, which is somewhat reminiscent of Martian soil.

In past experience reports I typically do toss n’ wash, but over the past month I’ve begun putting Kratom into capsules, and indeed that’s what I did with this Kratom. A dose of 10 grams translates to roughly 20 caps, which is a strong dose for me. I proceed to take the capsules with Arizona Green Tea, which mixes well with Kratom since the L-Theanine naturally present in Green Tea adds to the relaxing effect.

Notably, I have not taken Kratom in over 2 days before writing this experience report, and I am feeling fairly sore in my back and my shoulders, and I am feeling more stressed than usual.

2:05 PM: I begin taking the Kratom capsules. I take 10 in a minute and then have to stop. The advantage of capsules is there’s no bitter toss n’ wash feeling to deal with, the disadvantage is it’s a lot of capsules to take by anyone’s standards.

2:09 PM.: I take another 5 capsules. I had a headache/tension in my head sort’ve feeling in the past couple hours, and that is beginning to rapidly go away.

2:13 PM: I take another 3 capsules, bringing the total to 18, which is 9 grams based on my scale, accounting for the fact that the capsule shells themselves each weigh 0.1 grams.

2:22 PM: My stress is just instantly lifting away, and the soreness in my shoulders and back is starting to alleviate. Before the world felt heavy and hard to deal with, now everything is getting lighter.

2:28 PM: Feeling an incredible surge of euphoria. Filled with energy and happiness, and all of my pain in my body is gone. Also, I am feeling extremely articulate and focused.

3:16 PM: After the euphoria began to surge I got extremely hungry so I ate bread and soup, and then I began to feel heavily sedated and I had to lay down. After resting for 20 minutes or so I feel very calm and relaxed.

3:22 PM: Put on some music and writing and I’m feeling highly euphoric.

3:53 PM: I just pumped out a 700 word article in just 30 minutes. Feeling focused and articulate, and simultaneously incredibly relaxed and sedated. The whole world is just calmer. This is some very powerful Kratom.

5:52 PM: Time really got away from me! I’ve been alternating between work and relaxing for the past couple of hours, and this Kratom is working incredibly well.

Overall this Kratom had strong analgesic and euphoric effects, and effectively got rid of my stress and fatigue, in addition to providing powerful calming and relaxing effects. Considering this, I gave this Red Maeng Da Kratom from Experience Botanicals an A+.