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Rehab Centers Are Offering Kratom Addiction 'Treatment', But Are Really Just Screwing Up Kratom Users By Giving Them A Ton Of Synthetic Drugs

Senior Fellow of Public Policy at the American Kratom Association, Mac Haddow, pointed out that rehab centers across the nation are offering Kratom ‘treatment’ services. Indeed, a quick google search reveals that numerous rehabs are targeting Kratom users.

It is completely absurd that rehabs would be targeting Kratom users, since Kratom is relative non-addictive and has almost no physical withdrawals. In-fact, Kratom withdrawal is so minor that it is comparable to Coffee withdrawal, if not less intense than Coffee withdrawal.

Rehab is really only a good thing if someone is super addicted to Heroin or Benzodiazepines, and in such a state that they would physically fall apart if they stopped taking the drugs. Therefore, it simply does not make sense to send Kratom users to rehab.

Even worse, the way rehabs ‘treat’ Kratom users is just like how they treat other drug addictions: with a massive amount of synthetic drugs.

Rehab comes in two stages. First there is ‘detox’ for a week where opioid dependent patients are given Buprenorphine, a highly addictive synthetic opioid, as well as Ativan, a highly addictive Benzodiazepine. It makes zero sense to give Kratom users a combination of drugs that are far more addictive than Kratom itself. This actually would set a Kratom user back if they are trying to quit Kratom, since now they will be dealing with synthetic opioid and benzodiazepine withdrawals.

Also during detox, patients are given psych meds, such as Gabapentin, Seroquel, and Trazadone, which really throws a wrench into the mix since psych meds interact with all of the brain’s receptors in complex ways that doctors do not even fully understand, and giving psych meds can lead to mental illness due to the chemical imbalance in the brain that they cause. Also psych meds, especially Gabapentin, are even more addictive than Kratom.

On top of that there are other ‘comfort meds’ which the patient can request as needed, such as all sorts of sedatives and muscle relaxers, and usually the patients will request as much meds as they can possibly get their hands on. In-fact, the picture at the top of the article is approximately how much meds a patient would take during a 30 day rehab.

After the week of ‘detox’, the patients continue with the psych meds and comfort meds, and when the patient is released after 30 days they are expected to continue the psych meds.

The end result of rehab, whether you go in as a Heroin user or a Kratom user, is a foggy and confused state. Often rehab patients feel like they are still in a state of ‘rehab’ long after leaving the facility, since the psych meds reduce the patient to a vegetable.

Well, more precisely, the patient comes out feeling fatigued, slow, anxious, and depressed, and this often leads to a relapse since the patient will simply want to get high after suffering with depression and anxiety from the psych meds that they started in rehab. Also, usually people who go to rehab come out with no job, making the situation even more difficult.

This leads to another stint in rehab, and it is an absolutely vicious cycle that can continue in perpetuity.

Certainly Kratom users should not be subjected to the mind destroying effects of rehab, and it is absolutely evil that rehabs would consider ‘treating’ Kratom patients with a gauntlet of synthetic drugs. Literally, any Kratom user who goes to rehab risks having their mind destroyed and could easily become addicted to actual drugs, especially since the ‘friends’ people make at rehab usually relapse soon after leaving, providing an easy connection to obtain illicit drugs.

Ultimately, rehab is just an evil money making machine that is part of Big Pharma, and Kratom users should avoid it like the plague. If a Kratom user wants to stop taking Kratom, then just stop taking it, and the withdrawal will be no worse than Coffee withdrawal. Indeed, as I write this I haven’t taken Kratom in 3 days and I feel totally fine, despite the fact that I’ve taken Kratom almost everyday for a decade.