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Scientific Experiment Confirms That Kratom Is No More Addictive Than Salt Water, i.e. Kratom Has Zero Addiction Potential

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A scientific study titled ‘Abuse Liability of Mitragynine Assessed With a Self-Administration Procedure in Rats‘ has confirmed that Kratom’s primary alkaloid Mitragynine has zero abuse liability, i.e. zero addiction potential, via an ingenious experiment.

In the experiment rats first had to be trained to self-administer injections, which was done via getting the rats addicted to Methamphetamine until they consistently pushed the lever which administered Methamphetamine.

Once the rats were trained the scientists gave one group of rats salt water (saline) as a control, another group of rats were given Heroin, another group of rats were given Methamphetamine, and another group of rats were given Mitragynine. Then the rate at which the rats self administered the drugs was monitored, since that is a good proxy for how addictive a particular drug is.

It was found that Mitragynine did not increase the rate of self-administration above the rate at which rats self-administered salt water. In other words, this scientific study found that the abuse liability of Mitragynine is essentially zero.

On the other hand, Heroin and Methamphetamine predictably caused the rate of self-administration to be much higher than salt water.

Another important finding was that pre-treatment with Mitragynine reduced the rate at which rats self-administered Heroin. This result perhaps deserves its own article since it is incredibly important. Basically, this scientific study has confirmed that Kratom reduces the addiction potential of Heroin, i.e. even if someone is actively using Heroin the addiction will be significantly decreased if they take Kratom as well.

However, it was also found that pre-treatment with Mitragynine did not reduce the rate at which rats self-administered Methamphetamine, indicating that Kratom is not very effective for stopping a Methamphetamine addiction.

Thus, this scientific study confirmed that Kratom has practically zero addiction potential, which may be related to the fact that Kratom does not induce drug effects within the Mesolimbic Pathway, This lack of addiction potential is the primary reason why drug users who switched to Kratom typically report that they got their life back, as seen in the documentary ‘A Leaf of Faith‘.