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Scientific Study Proves That Full Spectrum/Natural Kratom Is More Effective For Managing Opioid Withdrawal Than Kratom Extract Isolates

Kratom contains around 50 alkaloids, and new alkaloids are being discovered every year. Also, new benefits and properties of each alkaloid are being discovered all the time, and it is clear that each of the dozens of alkaloids in Kratom plays a critical role in Kratom’s beneficial properties.

Subjectively, taking natural Kratom gives a much more wholesome and well-rounded feeling than Kratom extract isolates. Basically, some Kratom manufacturers have focused on creating Kratom extract isolates that have anywhere from 45%-92% Mitragynine. The thinking is that because Mitragynine is the primary alkaloid in Kratom, then increasing the concentration of Mitragynine makes a product more potent.

However, that theory is wrong. Kratom extract with isolated Mitragynine can indeed be powerful, but in my experience the effects don’t last as long, the effects are less wholesome and less well-rounded, and the medicinal properties are drastically reduced. For example, I have great success taking Kratom whenever I get sick, and I quickly get better. However, if I take a product with highly concentrated Mitragynine, it does not get rid of my sickness, likely because Kratom’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and immunostimulant properties mostly come from other alkaloids.

Essentially, when Kratom manufacturers create products with high Mitragynine, they typically perform an acid/base extraction, and this process literally strips away almost all of the other alkaloids, removing many of the beneficial properties of Kratom.

Now there is scientific proof which shows this. A group of scientists created a full spectrum Kratom extract as well as isolated Mitragynine, and tested the effects of these extracts on Morphine withdrawal in rats.

It was found that the full spectrum Kratom extract showed significant efficacy for reducing the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, whereas isolated Mitragynine did not lessen the severity of opioid withdrawal at all. The scientists therefore conclude that Kratom, and full spectrum extracts of Kratom, can be useful for opiate addiction treatment programs, but isolated Mitragynine is not really useful.

To clarify this, a full spectrum Kratom extract can be made with ethanol or just water and citric acid, and the process is low intensity enough that all of Kratom’s alkaloids are preserved, and therefore full spectrum Kratom extracts still have all the beneficial properties of Kratom leaf. This is unlike extracts that isolate Mitragynine, and in the process strip away most of the other alkaloids.

Thus, this scientific study has proven that natural Kratom, including Kratom leaf and full spectrum Kratom extracts, are the only products that truly have efficacy for managing opioid withdrawal, and therefore Kratom consumers should keep this in mind. Likewise, using an extract with isolated Mitragynine for managing opioid withdrawal should be avoided, since the absence of most of the other alkaloids makes it ineffective.

Zooming out, this is part of the larger story of how whenever people try to make a natural product better via science, they usually only make it worse and less effective. Indeed, that is the entire story of Big Pharma. Basically every kind of medicine exists in nature, and Big Pharma’s job is to make synthetic versions of natural medicines, which usually leads to more side effects and less efficacy than the natural medicine itself.

In this regard, it seems some Kratom manufacturers are making the same mistake as Big Pharma, in thinking that they can improve Kratom by isolating the Mitragynine, when in-fact there is nothing more effective than natural/full spectrum Kratom.