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Scientists In Germany Propose That Kratom Users Should Be 'Detoxified And Cured' With Morphine, Revealing The Lengths Big Pharma Will Go To Make Money

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A new study from Germany titled ‘Kratom instrumentalization for severe pain self-treatment resulting in addiction – A case report of acute and chronic subjective effects‘ proposes an absolutely evil theory, which is that Kratom users should be ‘treated’ with Morphine, and then take Morphine long term. In reality, this is just another example of Big Pharma choosing money over lives.

Essentially, Kratom is relatively non-addictive and quite effective for chronic pain, but Kratom is a plant so it cannot be patented, so Big Pharma cannot make money on Kratom. On the other hand, Morphine is extremely addictive and often deadly, but Big Pharma can patent Morphine pills, so Big Pharma would rather give patients Morphine in order to increase profits.

In this case specifically, a man in his 20s had a bone fracture and chronic pain, and he was given Tilidine by the doctors, which is an addictive and dangerous synthetic opioid.

Apparently the Tilidine was so intoxicating and addictive that the patient could not continue his job, so he sought out Kratom in order to manage his pain while still being able to function. The study admits that the patient used Kratom for 3 years, but the big mistake this patient made was he kept taking Tilidine too, so his tolerance to opioids went through the roof.

On a side note, if the patient stopped taking the synthetic opioids and only took Kratom, he likely would have never had an issue.

In any case, the Kratom and Tilidine stopped working due to his tolerance maxing out, and he was taking very large doses of both and getting no pain relief, just intense drowsiness.

The doctors decided the best solution for this was to ‘stabilize’ the patient on Morphine, which is insane. Ultimately, the patient’s tolerance will just max out again and the Morphine will stop working, plus the patient will become severely addicted. This is terrible for the patient, but it is big money for Big Pharma.

The study concludes that Kratom is addictive and shouldn’t be used for pain management, which of course is a blatant lie, but it is the exact story that Big Pharma wants the world to hear. In reality numerous scientific studies and subjective reports have proven that Kratom lacks addiction potential and is very effective for managing chronic pain, which is why Big Pharma is trying to make Kratom look bad and get it banned, since Kratom is eating into Big Pharma’s profit potential.

Zooming out, this study is just one of several recent studies which propose ‘treating’ Kratom users with synthetic opioids, making it clear that Big Pharma has a plan to convert Kratom users into prescription opioid addicts. Hopefully no Kratom users fall for this, but unfortunately subjective reports are accumulating of Kratom users being given synthetic opioids and opiates by doctors for ‘treatment’, and the results are disastrous in all cases.