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Scientists Prove Once Again That Putting Kratom In Your Fishtank Is A Bad Idea

Months ago an article on the The Kratom Herald discussed how scientists put Kratom in a fishtank, in what seemed like an attempt to prove that Kratom is dangerous, but ultimately the only thing they really proved is that putting Kratom in a fishtank is a bad idea. Indeed, not only did the scientists put Kratom in a fishtank in that study, but they overdosed the fish on Kratom continuously for 4 weeks, and of course the fish began to behave abnormally and were damaged.

The same scientists, led by Ramli Muhammed Danial Bin Che at the University of Malaya, have once again published a study where they put Kratom in a fishtank, and the results are about the same. Not only did these scientists overdose fish with Kratom, they actually overdosed fish embryos, which are obviously incredibly fragile. Not surprisingly, the embryos showed abnormalities.

It seems these scientists are hellbent on making Kratom look dangerous, but their scientific methodology is borderline insane. Experiments on fish simply cannot be compared to humans at all, since they have completely different physiology. Also, fish breathe through the water, and putting anything in that water in high enough concentrations damages the fish. Indeed, imagine breathing in Kratom for any amount of time, let alone days or weeks like these experiments, it would obviously cause all sorts of damage.

It is obvious that the only reason these scientists choose to do such an experiment is to frame Kratom as dangerous, since no matter what if you put Kratom in a fishtank the results will be bad. Fish simply cannot handle Kratom or any other drugs due to their completely different anatomy. Literally fish cannot process or metabolize Kratom like animals do.

Unfortunately, it seems these sort of ‘bad science’ experiments will continue to be published, as Big Pharma continues its worldwide push to build up evidence against Kratom in order to get Kratom banned.

Therefore, scientific studies like these should be ignored, since its just Big Pharma choosing money over lives and trying to get Kratom banned in the name of profit.

On a final note, I truly hope that these scientists do not put anymore Kratom in anymore fishtanks. How much proof do they need that Kratom doesn’t mix with fish before they stop?