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Steady Collective, An Organization Which Is Providing Needles To Heroin Users, Is Assaulting Another Organization Called SeekHealing For Providing Heroin Users With Kratom; Steady Collective Is Choosing Money Over Lives

Steady Collective

In the war against Kratom there has been case after case of organizations choosing money over lives, and one of the most absurd cases of this has just popped up.

There is an organization called SeekHealing which is providing Kratom care packages to opioid addicted people, in order to help them get off of synthetic opioids and opiates. This is undoubtedly saving lives, and it is quite incredible that there is a non-profit organization doing this. Indeed, there are countless real-life stories about how Kratom has saved the lives of people who were suffering from opioid addiction.

Absurdly, a nearby organization called Steady Collective which provides needles to Heroin users, heals the severe wounds that injecting causes, and provides Heroin users with Naloxone, is attacking SeekHealing.

In-fact, Steady Collective has posted a press release which attacks SeekHealing, in addition to calling Kratom dangerous and deadly. These statements from Steady Collective are completely ignorant, since Kratom has never caused an overdose death in history. Indeed, Kratom does not even cause respiratory depression, which is the symptom that kills people who overdose on synthetic opioids and opiates, since Kratom does not recruit beta-arrestin.

Beyond that, science has proven that Kratom lacks addiction potential, and that Kratom literally cures opioid addiction.

When it comes down to it, Steady Collective’s attack on SeekHealing is completely unscientific. What really may be going on here is that SeekHealing’s free Kratom care packages are likely curing Heroin addicts, taking business away from Steady Collective.

Essentially, Steady Collective can only exist if there is an ample amount of people injecting Heroin, since Steady Collective’s main activities are to provide needles, and then naloxone for the people who overdose with those same needles.

If SeekHealing successfully cures all the local Heroin addicts with Kratom, then Steady Collective goes out of business since no one will need their needles anymore.

Thus, Steady Collective is an absurd example of an organization choosing over money over lives. They say they are trying to save Heroin users by providing needles, but now that Kratom is spreading through the area they operate in and curing Heroin users thanks to SeekHealing, Steady Collective is desperately trying to stop SeekHealing, possibly  to maintain the population of Heroin users in order to stay in business.