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Street Opioid Pills Can Cost Hundreds Or Even Thousands Of Dollars Per Day, But Kratom Costs Just $1-5 Per Day Even With Heavy Use

There are numerous reasons why Kratom is much better than synthetic opioids and opiates, including the fact that Kratom has never caused a death in history, whereas synthetic opioids and opiates kill over 50,000 Americans every year, and the fact that Kratom has very little addiction potential and causes little, if any, withdrawal.

What this article focuses on is how Kratom is so much more cost effective than synthetic opioids and opiates. Indeed, one of the primary negative aspects of synthetic opioids and opiates is that they are incredibly expensive, which can cause people to drain their bank accounts, pawn all of their stuff, and even resort to stealing.

For example, Oxycodone, one of the most popular opioids of abuse, costs roughly $1 per milligram on the street, if not a bit more. Oxycodone users may start with doses of just 5-10 mg, but tolerance rapidly rises with synthetic opioids, and according to Erowid heavy users of Oxycodone reach doses of 150-600 mg at a time.

In other words, it is common for heavy Oxycodone users to take $150-$600 of pills for one dose. If this isn’t shocking enough, Oxycodone users need to dose multiple times a day, since the drug wares off quickly, and therefore it is quite possible for an Oxycodone user to spend thousands of dollars per day just to get their fix.

This is just one example, and the same is true for other popular synthetic opioids like Hydrocodone, Fentanyl, Heroin, etc.

Basically, since tolerance rapidly rises with synthetic opioids, users eventually end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per day. Considering that, it is obvious how synthetic opioid addiction can quickly lead to financial ruin.

Compare this to Kratom, which costs roughly $100/kilo, i.e. $100 per 1,000 grams. A heavy Kratom user may take 10 grams in a day. Indeed, I’ve been taking 10 grams of Kratom a day for years now. This means that Kratom costs only $1 per day for most people, if not less.

That being said, I’ve read reports of Kratom users taking up to 50 grams per day, which is not really a good idea since less is more with Kratom, but in any case, even at those insane doses it only costs $5 per day.

Literally, even the heaviest Kratom users spend just $1-5 per day on Kratom, which is astronomically lower than the hundreds or thousands of dollars that synthetic opioid and opiate users spend per day.

Due to this, you never hear of Kratom users draining their bank accounts or stealing to get high, since the cost of a user’s daily Kratom is even cheaper than a Starbuck’s Coffee.

Thus, one of the main benefits of Kratom is that it is incredibly affordable at just $1-5 per day, as opposed to synthetic opioids and opiates which cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per day and quickly lead to financial ruin.