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The American Kratom Association Is Holding A Meeting On Tuesday July 28 At 8 PM EST That All Kratom Warriors Should Attend

Kratom is under threat. Indeed, despite the fact that the government should be focusing on the Coronavirus Pandemic, it seems some anti-Kratom elements in the government, like the FDA, are using the confusion surrounding the Coronavirus as an opportunity to attack Kratom. For example, Nevada is moving to make Kratom illegal, despite Nevada already previously passing the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). Another example is that the Ohio Department of Agriculture is trying to make Kratom effectively illegal by saying that Kratom is an unapproved food additive.

Further, the FDA is aiming to disrupt international DHL and UPS Kratom shipments by saying that it is illegal to import Kratom into the United States without a license, which is an outright lie.

The American Kratom Association will be discussing these issues, and all of the other threats to Kratom, in a virtual town hall meeting on Tuesday July 28 at 8 PM EST. Click here to register your spot at the meeting.

It is crucial for all Kratom warriors to attend this meeting, so that all Kratom users can learn how they can help to protect Kratom’s legality in these critical times.