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The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Causing The Opioid Crisis To Surge To Record Levels; Kratom Warriors Need To Do Everything They Can To Spread Kratom Knowledge In Order To Save Lives

The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused many widespread problems aside from the virus itself, including economic collapse, widespread job loss, as well as isolation and loneliness, and in turn this has caused a massive increase in stress throughout our society. Due to this many people who were struggling with addiction have begun using synthetic opioids and opiates again, i.e. relapsed, in addition to numerous people who had never used opioids before turning to synthetic opioids and opiates to numb their pain.

Further, the opioid crisis, and drug crisis in general, was already at record levels before the Coronavirus Pandemic even started, with 72,000 drug overdose deaths in 2019. Basically, the drug crisis was already really bad, and the Coronavirus Pandemic is pouring fuel on the fire.

Thanks to an investigative report from the Wall Street Journal, there are now definitive stats which reveal how the Coronavirus Pandemic is worsening the opioid crisis. The United States Center For Disease Control (CDC) says 13% of people from a survey in June said they had begun using drugs or increased their drug use, and this survey is representative of all United States adults, so that 13% translates to 20-30 million people starting to use drugs or using more drugs, revealing how serious this situation is.

Further, as the Senior Fellow on Public Policy from the American Kratom Association, Mac Haddow, points out, 21 of the 30 largest counties in the United States have seen an increase in drug overdose deaths compared to this time last year. Keep in mind, last year was already a record shattering year for drug overdoses.

Additionally, suspected overdoses rose by 18% after the lockdown began in mid-March. This is the firmest proof yet that the Coronavirus lockdowns led to increased drug deaths.

Another concerning trend is that the supply of Heroin from Mexico has been disrupted, and although that sounds like a good thing, it’s leading to a massive increase in adulterated street Heroin, as dealers lace Heroin with Fentanyl analogs in order to make up for the lack of Heroin. This means that the Coronavirus situation has made Heroin deadlier than ever.

Thus, there is now definitive proof that the Coronavirus Pandemic is causing the opioid crisis to hit new records. Considering this, Kratom Warriors should do everything they can to spread Kratom knowledge, since literally every person you tell Kratom about is potentially a life saved. Imagine if people would choose to use Kratom to deal with their stress instead of starting to use opioids or relapsing on opioids, then those people would not have to go through the horrors of addiction, nor would there be any chance that they would die. Therefore, Kratom Warriors should tell their friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers on the street about Kratom, since the faster we spread Kratom knowledge the more lives will be saved.