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The Documentary 'A Leaf Of Faith' Reveals The Reasons Why The World Needs Kratom, And Documents The Battle To Keep Kratom Legal

Chris Bell was originally a weight lifter, along with his two brothers. One of his brothers went on to become a WWE wrestler. However, there is an epidemic of opioid painkiller abuse in the WWE and the weight lifting world, and tragedy soon struck when Chris’ brother died from a painkiller overdose. This inspired Chris to make the documentary ‘Prescription Thugs‘, which is available on Netflix.

Prescription Thugs starts by covering the opioid painkiller epidemic in the WWE and weight lifting world, and then talks about how the proliferation of prescription opioids is one of the leading causes of death in the country. Also, Prescription Thugs dives into the issue of how Big Pharma pays exorbitant amounts of money for lobbyists in order to control the government, and how prescription drugs can be approved with just two scientific papers which show that the drug is better than a placebo, even if there are 50 other papers showing that the drug is dangerous.

Ultimately, Prescription Thugs truly captures the issue of how Big Pharma is profiteering rather than trying to improve the health of the nation, and how they release medicines which they know are dangerous in the name of making money, leading to widespread disease and deaths. Basically, doctors are giving medicines which make their patients sick, and then they give their patients other medicines to fix the problems that the first medicine caused, and patients get sicker and sicker.

Although Prescription Thugs is excellent at showcasing the problems with the prescription opioid pandemic and the Big Pharma industry, it presented no solution to the prescription opioid problem. Indeed, even Chris ended up abusing and overdosing on prescription opioids while filming Prescription Thugs.

The solution comes in Chris Bell’s next documentary, which is called ‘A Leaf of Faith‘. Some of the wrestlers and weight lifters previously interviewed in Prescription Thugs discover Kratom, and find that it miraculously takes away all of their pain, allowing them to function in life, while simultaneously they continue to feel sober on the Kratom and find that it has little addiction potential. Chris then tries Kratom, and finds that he feels completely better and no longer desires prescription opioids.

Chris goes to Malaysia, where Kratom has been used for hundreds of years, with no reports that anyone has ever turned into a stereotypical drug addict from Kratom, nor has anyone overdosed on Kratom.

However, back in the United States there is hysteria against Kratom, with one mother claiming that her son jumped off a bridge due to Kratom, despite her son taking a multitude of illegal drugs in combination with psych meds that had black box warnings about how those meds cause suicidal ideation. Despite the obvious fact that Kratom was not the cause of death, the nation goes into a panic, and the DEA gears up to make Kratom a Schedule 1 drug.

Chris documents the pro-Kratom movement, and how thousands of Kratom users marched on Washington to prevent Kratom from becoming illegal. Essentially, the common theme is that Kratom had helped people who are dealing with chronic pain, and people who were previously prescription opioid and heroin addicts. Basically, Kratom provides a much better alternative than prescription opioids for these people.

Further, the documentary reveals that Kratom users were in fear that if Kratom was made illegal then all of the people taking Kratom would be forced back to prescription opioids and Heroin, leading to untold levels of misery and widespread death and destruction.

Ultimately the DEA hears the overwhelming response of Kratom users and chooses not to make Kratom illegal, setting the stage for the current era where Kratom is a readily available alternative for pain and opioid addiction management, allowing millions of people in the United States to live functional and healthy lives.

All in all, ‘A Leaf of Faith’ is the best Kratom documentary I have ever seen, and truly dives into the benefits of Kratom, as well as showcasing the political battle and hysteria that almost caused Kratom to become illegal, and how that hysteria was beaten by scientific facts and subjective reports which showed that Kratom was critically important for the well-being of multitudes of people.

Thus, I recommend that all Kratom users watch ‘Prescription Thugs’ and ‘A Leaf of Faith’ on Netflix, since these documentaries are not only entertaining, but highly educational.