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The FDA Is Trying To Disrupt DHL & UPS Shipments From Indonesia By Saying A License Is Required To Ship Kratom Into The United States, Which Is An Outright Lie

According to the American Kratom Association (AKA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is telling international shipment couriers, such as DHL and UPS, that Kratom cannot be shipped from Indonesia to the United States without a license from the FDA. In other words, the FDA is telling DHL and UPS that it is illegal for them to facilitate Kratom shipments into the United States.

In reality no such license exists for Kratom shipping, so DHL and UPS cannot apply for such a permit. Ultimately, it is legal for DHL and UPS to facilitate Kratom shipments into the United States without any sort of license or permit.

In-fact, the FDA is overstepping the bounds of their power, and is completely lying that such a license is needed. It is likely that this strategy is illegal, since certainly the FDA is not allowed to inhibit international commerce with outright lies.

Fortunately, major Kratom vendors generally do not use DHL or UPS, but small to medium Kratom vendors, and individuals who obtain Kratom directly from Indonesia, can be impacted by this.

Also, the AKA is working to inform DHL and UPS of the truth, so hopefully DHL and UPS do not listen to the FDA, but it remains to be seen what will happen.

This is just a continuation of the FDA’s misinformation war against Kratom. Since the FDA was not able to get Kratom banned in the United States in 2016, the FDA has been using increasingly underhanded tactics to stifle the Kratom trade. The most underhanded tactic that the FDA is utilizing is trying to get Kratom banned in Indonesia, which would completely cut off the supply of Kratom in the United States.

As of now Kratom isn’t scheduled to be banned in Indonesia until 2022, which is only 1.5 years from now, but apparently the FDA wants Kratom banned as fast as possible which is why they’re trying to disrupt UPS and DHL Kratom shipments with false information.